Your HVAC System And Your Pets

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HVAC Maintenance with Pets

Pet owners often deal with more home pollutants, such as dust and dander, than other homeowners. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be detrimental to your air quality if you follow these simple tips!

Change Air Filters

It’s recommended to change your air filters regularly regardless of whether you have pets in your home. However, if you do have pets it should become an especially important task. Many filters need to be changed monthly, but many homeowners put this off. If you’re one of the many fur-parents out there, don’t put off changing your filter when it’s time to do so.

Filters left unchanged can become blocked by pet hair and dander and will cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to. This will shorten your system’s lifespan, and can also increase your utility bills, depending on how hard your system has to work to keep air circulating properly.

Check Air Ducts

Like your filters, your home air ducts can also end up with pet dander and hair built up in them. However, air ducts can be a little tougher to clean than air filters. If you decide to clean your air ducts on your own, always turn off your air conditioner before beginning. This helps prevent you from breathing more dusty air than necessary, and helps keep you safe while cleaning.

It is recommended to schedule a professional to perform this service for you. Having an HVAC technician clean your vents is usually safer for both you and your HVAC system.

Clean Air Vents

Keeping your air vents clean is another important part of keeping your home air clean as a pet owner. Cleaning your air vents can be as simple as running the vacuum hose over them during other routine cleaning.

This usually effectively removes plenty of pet hair and other airborne debris from around the vent. If vacuuming doesn’t remove all of the hair or other grime, you can use soap, water, and a brush to remove the remaining debris.

Groom Pets

Grooming your pets regularly can take care of a lot of pet hair and dander before it ends up in your air filters or ducts. Even cats can shed quite a bit, so having your pet groomed occasionally can make a significant difference. If you don’t have a regular groomer, brushing your pets yourself can also be a huge help!

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Lastly, remember to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Regardless of how well your unit is performing, maintenance should still be done once or twice a year. This gives a professional HVAC technician a chance to look at your system and give it a clean bill of health, or catch potential problems before they become big issues.

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