Why Thermostat Placement Matters

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Not many people are aware of just how important the placement of their thermostat can be. Many people are under the impression that they can have a thermostat installed anywhere in the home. In many cases, however, this simply isn’t the truth.

Signs Your Thermostat Isn’t Placed Properly In Your Home:

  • The home is always too hot, despite lowering the thermostat temperature.
  • The home is always chilly or even freezing cold, despite the thermostat being set at a high temperature.
  • Temperatures in the home are erratic and never where you want them to be.

When having a new thermostat installed, there are a few things to keep in mind. Location really does matter, so be sure to put some thought into where to place your thermostat well ahead of time. An HVAC professional can also help decide on the most advantageous location if you aren’t entirely certain of where to place it.

Places To Avoid When Installing A Thermostat

In a De-Centralized Area of the Home

By placing your thermostat in an area of your home nowhere near to the center, you risk the chance of inaccurate readings. The center of your home will provide the most accurate readings of the entire structure.

In Drafty Areas

It is a good decision to avoid putting your thermostat anywhere near doors or windows that lead outside. If cool air were to drift in through small cracks, it could make your thermostat think it’s many degrees cooler in the home than it actually is.

Near Air Vents

Similarly, be careful not to place the thermostat directly above an air vent. Cool air from air conditioning units can have the same effect as chill winter air slipping in. On the other side of the spectrum, hot air from your heater blowing on the unit could cause your thermostat to lower the temperature, creating a chilly environment instead of a cozy one.

In a Sunny Location

The sun can be surprisingly warm, even when filtered through thick glass window panes. Direct sunlight shining on your thermostat can make the air conditioner run more often than it needs to. This is very energy inefficient and can raise your energy bills significantly.

Near Ovens or Other Warm Household Appliances

Another thing that can cause your air conditioner to run more than needed is placing your thermostat in hot areas of your home, like your kitchen. Being near things like your oven or even dishwasher can throw the entire system off. Instead, try placing the thermostat in a room without any major appliances, like a dining room. Just remember to keep it in a centralized location.

If you are having a thermostat installed in you home, make sure to keep these tips in mind. By placing your thermostat in a prime location you can conserve energy, maintain a comfortable environment in the home, and save money on heating and cooling bills. Even if you already have your unit installed, it is more than worth it to have it moved. With these simple steps, you will have a perfectly comfortable home with no effort.

For more information about where to place a thermostat, or to speak to a professional, contact AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning Repair, located in San Marcos, TX.

Photo credit: StarsApart on Visual Hunt / CC BY