Why Insulation Matters When Installing A New A/C System

insulation on a building San Marcos TX

Many HVAC professionals will make installing a new A/C system look like an easy job, but in reality installing a new system has many complexities to consider that homeowners may not be familiar with. One consideration to keep in mind when having a new A/C system installed is the condition of the home’s insulation.

Why Insulation Is Important

Your home’s insulation will dictate how best your new A/C system will cool your home. Proper home insulation will help your new system run effectively. Insulation will also enable you to reduce the size of the A/C system your home requires. This can allow you to purchase a smaller unit, reducing upfront costs, and can usually even save a little on your electric bill going forward. Whether it is the coldest day of winter or the hottest day of summer, having your home properly insulated can help increase your home’s energy efficiency. But how do you know if your house is properly insulated?

Checking Your Insulation: Attic Indicators

One method that can help you determine whether your house requires more insulation is by observing your attic floor. If the existing insulation is level or below the floor then your home insulation requires replacement. It is important to note that your attic insulation is the most essential insulation in your house and can determine whether your new A/C system will function properly and effectively once installed. It is necessary to remember that the effectiveness of your A/C system also depends on the ductwork in your home for it to attain the highest efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether the ducts in your house are badly constructed or designed. Learn how to check for common duct problems here.

Checking Your Insulation: Air Leaks

When people think of air leaks, the first thing that runs through their minds is usually drafty doors and windows. However, there are many ways your new A/C system could be rendered ineffective by other less obvious air leaks. A new A/C system is ineffective when it fails to heat or cool your home as required, and these processes can be hindered by leaks. Some of the ways air could be leaking from your home that you might not notice right away are through the various utility penetrations such as electrical, vent sacks, plumbing, cables, and phone, among other penetrations. Therefore, before installing a new A/C system, you have to first inspect your home and access the possible areas that could allow the air to leak. Ensure that these areas are properly set up to restrict any possible air leakage.

Keep Your A/C System Maintained

After determining whether your house is properly insulated, you have to make sure you fix these issues before installing your A/C system. Once you have addressed all the air leak issues by air sealing and insulating the areas of possible leaks, you can take a step towards saving energy and increasing effectiveness once your air conditioner is installed. As mentioned earlier, proper insulation helps you save up on costs since you can confidently purchase the right A/C system size for your home without worrying about it being ineffective.

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