Two-Stage Gas Furnace With Variable Speed Blower

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Two-stage Variable Speed combines the advantages of dual BTU capacity and the flexibility of an indoor ECM or (variable speed blower). Staging the gas heat results in greater energy savings and a higher comfort level in climate with both mild and sever cold weather patterns.

The added level of comfort and the energy savings are both due to the ability of two-stage gas furnaces to match the changing load conditions of the home. The two-stage gas furnace can actually adapt to the changing needs of the home. The variable speed blower is also able to more closely match the real air flow needs of the furnace, adapt better to variations duct designs, and consume less energy than single speed and multiple speed motors.

Expect and enjoy the longer run times of two-stage gas furnaces. Owners experience a more consistent indoor temperature with fewer wild swings between on and off temperatures. Two-stage gas furnaces do not provide as great a benefit in mild winter climates like those in the San Marcos, Buda Kyle and New Braunfels area in Central Texas.

In milder climates, the furnace may never need to operate much beyond its first stage of heating. Two-stage cooling would be a better investment in areas with severe summers and mild winters. Two-stage gas heat may be of some special benefit to older citizens with a unique sensitivity to cool weather conditions. We would encourage anyone to contact and AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional for more information before investing in any new gas furnace or air conditioning system.