Two-Stage And Variable-Speed Motors

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What are two-stage and variable-speed motors? Air conditioning systems are designed to cool your home, even during extremely hot temperatures. However, weather fluctuates, and even winter days can be somewhat mild.

While most single-stage units are either “on” or “off,” two-stage central air conditioners can run at two speeds. Most of the time, the unit runs at 80 percent, kicking into high gear only on very hot days. This saves on wear and tear, since the unit cycles on and off less frequently. Two-stage systems are also better at maintaining a consistent temperature and you won’t have to keep adjusting the thermostat.

A variable-speed motor can actually save you money on your energy bill as they consume less electricity than standard motors. Also having a variable-speed air conditioning system as part of your home’s comfort system means you will gain air conditioning efficiency or SEER. The higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) the more energy efficient the unit. This means even more energy savings for your household.