Tips To Hire Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC Pros

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Most of our homes these days have Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC systems, and these systems need regular maintenance. This makes it important to hire quality maintenance professionals, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you choose the right company.

Nothing in your house can affect your comfort quite as much as your heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really think about our Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems until we encounter a serious problem during the cold winter or hot summer seasons.

Energy Waste

If not well-maintained, even an energy-star rated Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC will consume more energy as it ages, increasing your electricity bill over time. While some maintenance tasks are simple and can be done by yourself, some require you to call in the pros. You might also be in need of an AMC to maintain these systems, particularly when they are nearing the end of their useful life term. Here are some tips to consider when you’re planning to hire a HVAC company for regular maintenance of your systems.

Points To Consider When Hiring A Servicing Company

When searching for a company to maintain your Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC systems, you should choose the one whose technicians don’t simply service systems, but are also familiar with the design and installation of these systems. The reason is that these full-service companies will be up-to-date on all of the latest developments in the field.

It’s also a good idea to consider the workers’ compensation policy and liability insurance of the company. You don’t want to do business with a company that treats its workers unethically. Additionally, see if you can find answers to the following questions about the company:

  • How is the performance of the systems that are currently being serviced by the company?
  • Do the technicians clean up the work area after they’re finished with their tasks?
  • How quick are they in responding to the calls of their customers?
  • How about their punctuality?

Some Terms Explained:

When you’re planning to invest in a new HVAC system in your house, you will most likely come across certain specialized terms you may be unfamiliar with. Being aware of what these terms mean will help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio — Denoted as SEER, this ratio describes how many thermal units an AC system lets out for every watt of power it consumes. A higher SEER rate means you’ll get the results you want while spending less, and some countries impose a minimum rate of 13 for all new AC units.
  • Tonnage — This describes the weight of a system, and heavier systems typically have more power. A three-ton AC unit, for example, can remove about 36000 thermal unit per hour from your home. This means you can estimate around 12000 thermal units per hour for every ton a system weighs. Next time you’re on the market for a new unit and want to compare models, you can get the information on tonnage from your salesperson.
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency — Abbreviated as AFUE, this denotes the heat delivered by the unit for every dollar that you spend on fueling the unit. When the AFUE is higher, your energy bills will be much lower.

We hope that knowing these tips and terms will help you choose the best HVAC company for you. If you’re in the Central Texas area and are looking for a prompt, responsible, and ethical HVAC company, give us a call at AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning; we can handle your one-off repair jobs as well as regularly scheduled maintenance plans!