Three-Stage Gas Furnace With Variable Speed Blower

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Three-Stage gas furnaces are produced with AFUE ratings of 80 percent, 95 percent or even greater efficiency. The variable speed blower adapts to the proper air flow as the furnace Btu output increases over the three Btu output levels. Three stage furnaces tend to be much quieter in operation.

Three-stage gas furnaces are designed for severe winter conditions and other special need applications. Large homes that have areas that are often not used are just one of their many special use applications. In conjunction with a good zone system these furnaces can reduce operating costs enough to pay for their additional cost in a very short period of time.

With such a wide variation in operating Btu outputs into a single duct system or even zoned system, and ECM variable speed blower is a must have on any three-stage furnace. Three-stage gas furnaces are a novelty here in the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels area of Central Texas.

If you live in Central Texas and would like more information on if a three-speed or any other gas furnace would be right for you and your home contact an AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional. We’re always happy to answer any of your questions.