The Use Of AI In Your HVAC System

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The use of artificial intelligence in your HVAC system is something that has been around for awhile. No, there isn’t a little robot using its robotic arms sitting inside your air conditioning unit that is regulating the temperature. The artificial intelligence in HVAC systems uses an AI process called “machine learning” that is helping the units become more energy efficient.

Machine Learning

So, what is machine learning? It is the development of AI that refers to machines that are able to ‘learn’ how to perform tasks by processing data. Basically, there are hundreds and thousands of possible outcomes to program a machine. Programming all of the possible outcomes could be an infinite endeavor. Teaching machines to learn is a more effective way to reach all of these possible outcomes because the machine is pretty much programming itself in a way.

Smart Systems

There are several ways AI and machine learning are used in HVAC systems. It is used in smart thermostats such as Nest and ecobee. These automation systems are being used to improve air quality and ventilation. The goal for AI in HVAC systems is to reduce the amount of energy used, reduce overall cost, and adjust heating during peak demand (the energy used during the hottest hours of the day).

Important Uses

One of the ways that AI is used in HVAC systems is by adjusting the temperature based on algorithms. These algorithms use data that is collected by sensors that are placed in all the rooms of a home. These sensors transmit data to the cloud that is run through these algorithms. The resulting information is then sent to the HVAC control to regulate temperatures based on that data. Some of the collected data that is used in the algorithms are occupancy, precipitation, humidity, and holidays. Machines are able to process thousands of data points from several sources and run them through complex algorithms almost instantly. Humans are limited to how much they could process, so the use of machine learning makes sense in situations like this.

Remote Control Features

Another use of AI in HVAC systems is in smart thermostats. They usually work through wifi. They also have the ability to be controlled remotely. If you go out of town and you left the AC on for Fido and a fluke snow storm hits, you’ll be able to turn on the heater so little Fido doesn’t freeze his paws off. Some of these systems also have the ability to learn your schedule from your behavior and will auto adjust when you leave the house. The most advanced models have learned zone temperatures and are able to adjust room temperatures depending on the occupancy patterns that it has learned.

The Future Of AI In HVAC Systems

The use of AI in HVAC systems continues to grow in its functionality. Most recently, systems have been able to forecast how to adjust temperatures by including longitudinal weather data with their algorithms. They have also created a sensor that is able to detect a malfunction before it is noticed by humans. This could be a great advance in systems because sometimes people don’t know there is a problem until they receive their monthly statement. The potential of machine learning is only improving and may one day solve global energy problems.

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