Saving Energy And Your HVAC System

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Energy Saving tips for your HVAC system

The job of your HVAC is to protect your family from cold and heat in every season. Many of these machines operate year-round. However, no matter how well your unit operates, it could use a little help. Here are a few tips to help your heater and air conditioner along so that they can keep your family comfortable. These minor changes will also help your unit last longer and work more efficiently.

The Warmth From The Sun

Sunlight has offered warmth to homes for centuries. No matter how cold, when sunlight shines through windows, the warmth is amazing. Make use of this natural energy force by opening drapes and allowing this natural warmth to fill your home. The south side of a home in winter offers maximum heat from sunlight.

Seal Cracks

Most people do not like to think their homes have cracks. However, there might be pipe inserts that have cracks. These are usually small. However, in winter heat escapes from these openings and cold air will flow in like river water if they are not sealed. Small cracks over, under, and on the sides of doors can cost a fortune in lost heat and cooling.

Cover Windows

Window curtains or other coverings are essential in any season, not just for their appearance, but to help save energy as well. In summer, covering your windows can prevent heat from invading your home, and assist your air conditioner in keeping your home cool. In winter, as mentioned earlier, leaving open South-facing window curtains during the day can let in much needed heat. Remember to cover your windows once the sun goes down. This prevents the cold air gathering at your windows from seeping into your home and making your heater work harder than it needs to.

Service Your HVAC System

Maintaining your heating unit properly includes having the unit cleaned, and checking the ducts to make sure they are sealed properly. Leaks in the system can reduce your unit’s ability to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer heat. Below are some common maintenance tips you can try:

Replace Air Filters – Clean air filters not only improve your home’s air quality, they also prevent your HVAC system from being overworked.

Notice Odors – Pay attention to any abnormal smells you notice coming from your unit.

Get a Professional Inspection – Having an HVAC expert come check out your unit every year is recommended. It’s a great way to catch small issues before they turn into larger, more costly ones.

Water Heaters And Energy

A water heater can be a sneaky energy drain. This device can short cycle in extremely cold weather, sending your utility bill skyrocketing. Consider keeping settings at 120-degrees Fahrenheit or 49-degrees Celsius.

Find Help With AC Maintenance & Repair In San Marcos

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