How To Prepare Your Furnace For Summer

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Summer Furnace Preparation

Summers in Texas are usually long and hot. Once the heat arrives, you probably forget all about your furnace since you presumably won’t be using it for several months. Furnaces are made to last at least 15 years or more, but if you start every summer by putting your furnace out of your mind, it could affect its lifespan. Instead of forgetting your furnace, take the simple steps below to prepare it for the summer months so it will be ready to come right back on when winter returns.

Turn Off Pilot Light

Some furnaces still use a traditional pilot light, and it doesn’t need to run all summer long. Letting it burn through the entire summer is an unnecessary addition to both your utility bill and to the heat in your home. Help out your air conditioner by turning off this extra heat source. To turn off your pilot light, you will need to first locate the valve on your gas line running to the furnace. Simply switch the valve to “OFF.” The “OFF” position is usually perpendicular to the gas line. Make sure the valve is turned all the way to the “OFF” position.

Test Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that has no smell or color, which is why it is so hard to detect. Luckily, carbon monoxide alarms can do just that. Because carbon monoxide is so hard to detect, it’s important for you to make sure that your alarms are working properly. Testing them is simple: your alarm will have a “TEST” button visible on it. Hold down the “TEST” button until you hear the device make two beeps. After you hear the beeps, release the “TEST” button. Repeat the process, but make sure the second time you hear four beeps instead of two. This will let you know if your detector is working.

Change Filter

Make sure you change your air filters monthly as recommended, regardless of whether the furnace is actually running. Clogged filters tax your ventilation systems causing your system to work harder than necessary to keep your home at the desired temperature. Over taxing the system shortens its overall lifespan. In addition, no one wants to be breathing the particles stuck in the air filter when air passes through.

Schedule Maintenance

One of the most important steps to take in order to keep your furnace in working order all year long is to schedule furnace maintenance. Professional HVAC technicians can thoroughly inspect your furnace in order to catch any problems that haven’t yet caused enough trouble to be noticed. Having this brief maintenance performed annually ensures that your furnace will be in good shape when the time comes to turn it on.

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