Inspecting A Broken Furnace

an air pressure gauge

With summer behind us here in Central Texas, it won’t be long until cold weather starts moving in. Now is the perfect time to ensure your furnace is in proper working order… you don’t want to wait until the day you need it to find out something’s amiss. We’ve put some tips together for steps to fire up your furnace and troubleshoot common problems that may occur. If you’re not comfortable following these steps, it’s a good idea to call a local professional HVAC company to perform an inspection, diagnose any issues, and fix the issues so your home stays comfortable throughout the fall and winter.

Turn Your Furnace On

Since you probably haven’t used your furnace for about half a year, you want to be sure that it is functioning. The first time you turn it on after a long period of no use, it will probably take a minute or so before it fires up and starts circulating warm air. Place a hand near a vent and check to see if you can feel warm air coming out. If you feel warm air, that’s a great sign! We still recommend following the below tips to ensure everything is in order. If there’s no warm air moving, turn the furnace off by switching the thermostat to off.

Check For Dust And Dirt Around The Thermostat

Dirt can affect your thermostat’s calibration. Lift the thermostat cover and take a look to see if there’s dust present. If so, a few blasts of compressed air can often dislodge the build up. Be careful not to be too rough with the thermostat or the thermostat can malfunction. If there’s too much dirt or corrosion, it may be time to replace your thermostat or call in a professional to replace it for you. If your thermostat appears fine, it may not be the cause of your furnace’s malfunction.

Check The Circuit Breaker For The Furnace

If the circuit breaker for your furnace is tripped, switch it back on. If it trips back to the off position again immediately or shortly after, you may have an electrical issue that requires professional service. Please don’t attempt to repair this kind of issue yourself.

Inspect The Outside Of The Furnace Itself.

If neither of the above seem to be the problem, turn the thermostat back on and take a look at the outside of the furnace itself to see if there are any obvious issues. Keep an eye out for dust and dirt build ups or burn marks. Listen closely for any irregular noises. Check your furnace filter and replace it if necessary (they should be checked at least every 3 months).

If you’re experiencing any problems with your furnace and the above tips don’t help–or if you’re overdue for an annual inspection–be sure to call a licensed, dependable local heating and air conditioning company to come out and inspect your system and perform repairs (if necessary) and routine maintenance to ensure your central air system runs smoothly for a long time to come. If you’re looking for a local professional HVAC company in the Central Texas area, contact AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning (512) 392-0022 to discuss your needs and receive a free, no-obligation quote today!