How Smart Are Smart Thermostats?

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No matter how your year is going, it is always good to find more ways to cut energy costs and to save money. One of the biggest ways you as a homeowner or apartment renter can save money is to take a look at your heating and cooling usage to see which areas you can cut down on. Your A/C and heating units are likely the most used appliances in your home.

Saving Energy

Usually, learning the quirks of your HVAC system to save on energy costs can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful. In the past, we had to turn our thermostat off before we left for work, and turn it on when we got home to save costs. Then came automated thermostats, which you could program to turn off at certain hours in the day. Thanks to technology, we now have “smart” wireless thermostats that can help you cut energy costs and save money by having your HVAC system run at peak performance.

“Smart” thermostats are very popular today when it comes to cutting energy costs. They not only help you to cut energy costs, but are also much easier to maintain in the long run. These thermostats are capable of learning about your lifestyle, and will teach themselves to maintain your HVAC unit to a comfortable temperature and to run your heating and cooling units to match the lifestyle of your family. You can also operate these thermostats with apps available on most devices. These apps allow monitoring and control of your HVAC system while you’re away, and see monthly and yearly energy savings.

Today we’ll be looking at what you can expect from a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is essentially an innovative thermostat that can learn about you and your home, and adjust your home’s HVAC settings accordingly. This helps you save energy while also maintaining the optimal temperature for your home when you or your family needs it.

Once a smart thermostat is installed, it will begin taking notes and learning about your family, the lifestyles that you all live, as well as your home’s quirks. A smart thermostat will learn what temperatures your family prefers, and will build a schedule that works best for all of you, while saving energy costs by adjusting the temperature when no one is home, among other adjustments.

In addition to their learning capabilities, some smart thermostat technology will automatically go into an energy saving setting while you are away. If you forget to turn it down, the smart thermostat will make sure that the temperature is properly adjusted. Even away from home, you will be able to access most smart thermostats through an app on any device to change its settings. These features can vary between available smart thermostats, and it’s important to research which brand will work best for you. It’s also well worth the research, as they will save you tremendously on energy bills and costs. You can save as much as 20% on your energy bill by using a smart thermostat.

If you’re considering purchasing a smart thermostat, contact AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning Repair to get more information on installation. We’ll be sure to set up your home with the future of thermostat technology.