High Cost Of Keeping Warm

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The average family spends $1,900 a year on energy bills, much of which goes to heating and cooling. With winter on the way and facing high energy costs, people here in central Texas are looking for ways to heat their homes, stay comfortable and save money.

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If you live in San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, or New Braunfels then heating your home with electric heat elements can be even more expensive than cooling your home.

Replacing your existing system with a more energy efficient heat pump system may be a practical long term financial option. However, you should at least verify that your existing heating system is working effectively and efficiently.

If your air conditioning service company can’t tell you how many BTU’s per hour your system is producing, if the heating system is moving the correct CFM or has the correct temperature differential … Call AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning and ask for our Total Performance Diagnostic.

Some Hot Service Tips:

Clean is Hot

Keep your indoor filters and outdoor heat pump condensing coils clean.

Keep The Heat In

Don’t let cold air in and hot air out. Find and seal the leaks around your windows, doors and ducts that cause drafts and make your cooling system work overtime.

Lower Energy Costs

A programmable thermostat, set and used properly, can save about $200 in energy costs each year. At a minimum set the thermostat down 5 degrees when not home for extended periods of time.

Proper Maintenance

Schedule an annual pre-season maintenance checkup with AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning to ensure your Heating System is operating efficiently and safely. Insist on an AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning Total Performance Diagnostic.