Electric Furnace

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Brrrr! It’s cold outside and it’s almost as cold inside your house. Why isn’t your furnace doing what it’s supposed to do? How come you’re shivering instead of enjoying a nice, warm, comfortable house? A little knowledge and inspection by a trained professional can help you figure out the answers to these questions, and help you determine if your electric furnace has a relatively simple problem or if it needs repair service.

Let’s start with a quick look at how, exactly, your electric furnace is supposed to work. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process that heats air and distributes it throughout your home to maintain a set air temperature in your rooms. The entire process begins with the thermostat that is typically located in a central part of the house. You set the thermostat to the desired temperature. When the air temperature falls to a certain level it triggers the thermostat to send a signal to the electric furnace. This signal tells the furnace to start heating air and distributing it through the house.

Inside the furnace, when the startup signal is received several things occur:

  1. The heating elements get hot and start heating the air around them
  2. When the elements and air are hot, the blower turns on
  3. The blower circulates warm air by blowing it through the ductwork to the various rooms in the house
  4. The blower action also causes circulation of cool air back through the return air ducts, where it is filtered before passing across the heating elements once again

Sounds pretty simple, right? The concept is pretty simple, but making it all work the way it is supposed to is a bit more complicated. With our ‘Total Performance Diagnostic’ platform, once your system is repaired and running, we can make sure it’s running right and running efficiently.