Gas Furnace With Dual Fuel Option

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The Dual Fuel is a great option for homes in the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels area who already have gas heat but are looking to…

  1. Move away from the problems associated with LP gas
  2. Looking for utility savings
  3. Interested in the benefits of two-stage heating
  4. Looking for the security of having two different heating options

Dual Fuel gas heat systems work a lot like dual fuel automobiles. These systems use the electrically operated heat pump of an attached air conditioning system to heat the home when outside conditions are above 28°F. During more severe outdoor conditions, the heat pump is turned off and the home is heated using the gas furnace.

When sized, installed, set-up and commissioned properly, Dual Fuel systems are a great option in areas with mild to moderate winter conditions. If you would like more information about using a Dual Fuel option in the Central Texas area an AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional will be happy to answer any questions.