Gas Furnace Options

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Selecting A Gas Furnace

There are a lot of different kinds of gas furnaces but not all of them were designed with the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle or New Braunfels area in mind. The latest equipment energy efficiency guidelines being developed by the Federal Government acknowledged this reality when they issued different gas furnace efficiency rules for different parts of the United States.

Two of the more important points to ponder when selecting a gas furnace are (1) equipment cost vs. energy savings (2) Comfort. We’ll be looking at a number of different gas furnace options. Each option is the right choice for the right person, in the right part of the country. Knowledge is the key to selecting the right furnace for you and your home here in Central Texas.

Cost vs. Energy Savings


The options are…

  1. Single-Stage gas furnace
  2. Single-Stage gas furnace with Variable Speed Blower
  3. Gas Furnace with Dual Fuel option
  4. Two-Stage gas furnace
  5. Two-stage gas furnace with Variable Speed Blower
  6. Three-stage gas furnace with Variable Speed Blower
  7. Modulating gas furnace with Variable Speed Blower