Gas Furnace Comfort

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Gas Furnace Efficiency Isn’t Everything In Central Texas

Energy efficiency isn’t the only thing to consider when selecting a new or replacement gas furnace. The more expensive gas furnaces not only tend to be more energy efficient, but they also include more features that add up to a more comfortable indoor living environment.

More than anything else, getting the right furnace size (Btu output) for you and your home is the first, most important thing to get right.

Too big a furnace may result in:

  • Short on and off cycling
  • Hot and cold spots in the house
  • Potential fogging and moisture on windows
  • Greater operating expense
  • Higher up front equipment cost
  • Shorter equipment life

Too small a furnace may result in a home that never gets warm enough and is consistently uncomfortable and cold in winter months.

A correctly sized gas furnace can improve indoor comfort levels and save energy by modulating or staging the amount of Btu’s it can produce, and/or the amount of air it can move across the heat exchanger under different conditions. A gas furnace that also functions in conjunction with an air conditioning system may need some of these same features in order to operate best with a good AC system.

In the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels areas of Central Texas, the second most consideration when selecting a gas furnace may be how it will best operate with the air conditioning system it will be attached to.

An AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional will be your best source helping you make these important decisions.