When Your Electric Heater Needs Service

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Why are you shivering instead of enjoying a nice, warm, comfortable house? If it’s because your electric furnace isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, a little knowledge and inspection by a trained professional can help. AirOne can help you determine if your electric furnace has a relatively simple heating repair problem … just needs some minor maintenance … or if the time has come to replace it with something a lot more energy efficient.

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Electric Furnaces Are Simple, Straight Forward, And Very Expensive To Operate At Only 3.414 Btu’s Per Kw.

How is your electric furnace supposed to work? It’s really a pretty simple and straightforward process to burn electricity. It all begins with the thermostat that is typically located in a central part of the house.

Set the thermostat to the heat setting and adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. When the temperature inside falls below the thermostat setting, the thermostat is triggered to send a signal to the electric furnace that tells the furnace to start heating the air and blowing the heated air through the house.

When the startup signal is received from the thermostat, several things occur inside the electric furnace:

First, the thermostat signals a relay to close and provide 220 volts to the heating elements inside the electric furnace case. The voltage causes the elements to get very hot.

Next, the same signal starts the blower motor after the electric heat elements have heated up. If the blower fails to come or fails to keep the electric elements cool enough, a series of safety switches should turn the elements off before they burn out.

Then, the blower circulates warm air by blowing the air across the electric heating elements and through the ductwork to the various rooms in the house. The blower also causes the circulation of cool air back through the return air ducts, where it is filtered before passing across the heating elements once again.

The whole idea is pretty simple, but making it all work the way it is supposed to can be a bit complicated.

Once your system is repaired and running, AirOne can make sure it’s running right and running efficiently using out Total Performance Diagnostic software.

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