Dust On The Furnace: Causes & How To Keep It Away

a hand sprinkling dust San Marcos TX

Dust accumulates very quickly and on almost any solid surface. Stop dusting the house for a few days to test this theory if you don’t believe that it’s true. You might also notice dust particles floating in the air. If these dust particles become trapped in the furnace, a slew of potential problems may occur. It is beneficial to keep your furnace clean and free from those dust bunnies that just aren’t as cute and cuddly as the cotton-tailed, blue-eyed fluffy versions.

How Dust Builds Up

Dust builds up on the furnace when it is trapped in the air. This is usually caused by the return ducts in the furnace and an improperly working air filter. If the air filter is clogged, it fails to trap the dust particles the way that it is designed to do and it then builds on the furnace and the various components. If you don’t schedule the recommended annual preventative maintenance service with the pros, additional dirt and dust may accumulate on the unit and cause trouble.

How Dust Affects Your Furnace

Dusty furnaces bring many negative consequences into the home, including:

  • Decreased Efficacy: Dirt and dust build-up on the fan blades force them to work harder and consume more energy to heat and cool the house. Dust also causes decreased efficiency in the heat exchanger, so it won’t get as hot as normal.
  • Odors: When dust accumulates on the furnace, the odors it produces aren’t so pleasant. So, you want to keep furnace dirt away so these smells don’t accumulate in the home.
  • Discomfort: When there is dirt on the heat exchanger, the layer of dust prevents the same amount of air or heat from coming into the home. So, the unit is working harder to produce fewer results.
  • Pilot Problems: Dust may cause the pilot light to go out and cause trouble if the nozzle becomes clogged. Furthermore, furnaces that use hot surface ignition won’t heat to a temperature that is hot enough to light the burners.
  • Safety Issues: When dirt and dust clog the burners of the furnace, they don’t properly turn the fuel. This causes gas buildup inside the furnace that poses safety risks in your home.
  • System Breakdown: One of the worst consequences of dust and dirt on the furnace is system breakdown. This is one of the leading causes of breakdown since it throws off the components inside the unit and forces it to work harder.

How To Keep Your Furnace Dust Free

The best means of defense against a dusty furnace is regular air filter changes. When you change the air filter each month, it reduces the risk of dust accumulating on the furnace, causing trouble. A secondary way to keep the unit dust free is through scheduled preventative maintenance checks from the pros. These checks look for components that aren’t working properly and make repairs before potential issues can cause trouble. Furthermore, it also keeps the dust off your unit!

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