Common Duct Problems

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Common Duct Problems

Air ducts are responsible for heating and cooling homes, businesses, and a variety of other types of buildings. While air ducts work quite effectively to heat and cool buildings, they can run into different problems over time. Some of the most common problems that occur within air ducts are improper design, air leakage, dust accumulation, and dirty filters.

Improper Duct Design

Air ducts are created and designed for different types of buildings, and different sized buildings. If an air duct is installed in a large building, but the unit isn’t large enough, the air duct won’t be able to supply enough air circulation throughout the building. Air ducts can be made from different types of materials as well. If the wrong type of material is used when building the air duct, it can cause functionality problems when the duct is used. Improper design is the number one cause of air duct problems overall.

Air Leakage From Ducts

If your air duct unit is the correct design for your building, but the unit still isn’t able to provide the desired temperature and airflow, air leakage could be the problem that is occurring. Anywhere from 20-40% of the air being supplied by the unit can be lost solely due to air leakage. Air leakage can happen if the ductwork has become disconnected, or is improperly sealed in a certain area. The seals around the registers and grills are common places that air ducts can leak, so it is one of the places to have checked first if you believe that you have an air leak in your ductwork.

Dust Accumulation In Ducts

After long periods of use, dust can accumulate in large quantities in an air duct system. The dust can cause the air flow to become decreased or even stopped. A common place for dust to build up is near registers and grills. Additionally, dust accumulation within the air duct system can lead to poorer air quality within the building. Having air ducts cleaned on a regular schedule can reduce the amount of dust that is able to accumulate within your air ducts.

Dirty Filters

Air filters need to be routinely changed in order to provide maximum airflow and air quality. If the filters aren’t changed, they will become so dirty that air flow will become reduced and the unit won’t be able to keep up. Dirty air filters will also cause the system to work harder than it would regularly need to, causing it to consume more energy. How often filters need to be changed will depend on the type of unit that is installed. Many filters are recommended to be changed every 30-60 days, but some last for longer periods.

Air ducts are vitally important for all types of buildings. In order to ensure that your air duct is working properly, it is important to be aware of some of the most common issues that arise from air ducts. For more information about common air duct problems and solutions, contact AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning Repair, located in San Marcos, TX.