Central Heating VS Space Heaters

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Being in the dead center of our winter months, the timeless debate over whether central heating or the use of space heaters is less expensive has found its way back to our daily lives. While there are several factors to consider, and every home and situation is different, there are a few things that must be taken into account when deciding on how to properly heat your space.

Cost Depends On Circumstances

There isn’t always a one size fits all solution to every problem. However, knowing the factors that influence the best results can help you make the most informed decision. For instance, if you are wanting to just heat one single room and only at night time, then it is likely that a single space heater could be the most cost effective option for you. However, this only applies when talking about one heater in one room. If you want to heat several rooms throughout the day and or night, you will start to see energy costs rise way higher than if you used central heating instead.

Things To Be Aware Of…

While cost and savings are a huge factor in the central heating vs. space heater debate, safety should be a part of this conversation as well. While space heaters are especially helpful in a pinch, being aware of how to use them properly could help you side step a house fire or worse. With space heaters being the root cause of over 40% of house fires each year, it is important to know proper safety usage.

Circuit Capacity – Before you plug in a space heater to just any outlet, you should be aware of whether or not that circuit can handle the power. Space heaters can consume over 1,000 watts, which would probably require them to have a dedicated circuit. Running multiple appliances on the same line as a space heater will likely cause it to trip the breaker or worse.

Carbon Monoxide – Using gas or kerosene heaters indoors has its own set of pros and cons. The risk is the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning, which comes from the release of harmful gas. If you choose to use one of these instead of an electric space heater, be sure to closely follow ventilation practices in your home, and also be sure to have a properly working carbon monoxide sensor system.

Pets and Kids – A huge risk with using space heaters is leaving them with unattended pets or kids. Pets, especially cats, can knock these over or off of cabinets which can cause a major fire hazard. In general, leaving a space heater unattended is considered hazardous and should not be done.

Consult A Heating Specialist

When it comes to making the right choice for your home, consider asking your local heating and air company. If cost is your main concern, there are many methods that can help you save on your energy bill, stay comfortable, and avoid the risks of space heaters.

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