My A/C Will Not Turn On

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Our last topic was about what to check for if your a/c system is not turning on. If you have already gone through the steps of checking the breaker and checking the batteries on your thermostat with no luck then it might be a float switch issue. Here’s why we love float switches… Cooling systems are designed to remove moisture from the air and drain the resulting water out of your home. When drain lines get blocked, water overflows to a drain pan designed to collect the water. If water overflows from the pan this may cause interior damage to your home. Float switches are designed to turn your system OFF before damage occurs. Yes it’s not very convenient to have your a/c system shut down in the middle of summer but it’s better than your living room turning into the San Marcos River. So if you don’t have a float switch call us today to install one. If you think your line might be clogged let AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning come clean it to ensure that it will not shut down your air conditioning system.