Air Conditioning / Single Speed Systems With ECM Blower

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In response to mandates to produce more energy efficient air conditioning systems, manufacturers turned to electronically commutated motors (ECM). As it turned out, the ECM motor could do more than just allow manufacturers to comply with government mandates.

ECM motors are brushless DC motors with speed and torque controls built in. I just knew you would be impressed.

This technology allows the ECM motors to adjust its speed to ensure the optimal airflow. Still not impressed are you?

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ECM motors are much quieter and less expensive to operate than conventional permanent split capacitor (PSC) air conditioner blower motors. And operate with as little as 80 watts of electrical current.

Might as well just come out and say it. ECM motors operate on 75% less energy than standard PSC blower motors. But that’s really not the impressive part. The best part of ECM motors is why I call them electronically communicating motors. We can talk to them and make them run at different speeds at different times to adapt to different conditions and needs.

Just like single speed air conditioners that PSC motors are not very good at adapting to change. With ECM motors, there is much better control over fan speed which means better control over humidity removal and poorly designed ducting or air distribution systems. In less technical terms, this means, (1) a more comfortable home, (2) greater capacity and efficiency from the outdoor air conditioning condenser, and (3) an opportunity for better air filtration at a reasonable cost.

  1. Controlling fan speed is a great way to control humidity. Comfort is dependent on humidity levels. Greater comfort.
  2. ECM motors can produce a more consistent indoor air flow across the evaporator coil and the proper operation of the outside condenser is dependent on indoor air flow.
  3. In the spring and fall when allergens are the greatest here in the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels area, these motors and be used to circulate air at low speeds across great filters. Great indoor air at an affordable price.

A single speed air conditioner with an ECM motor may be a good choice for your home, but there may be an even better option. If you would like to explore more air conditioning options, contact an AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional.