Air Conditioning / Single Speed Systems

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Single speed air conditioning systems have limited flexibility when it comes to providing maximum indoor comfort over a wide range of ever changing load conditions. As outdoor weather conditions change and indoor cooling loads increase and decrease, single speed air condition systems always do the same thing, they operate at full capacity or not at all.

Since single speed air conditioning systems were the only air conditioning systems for many years, so a lot of industry language and practices developed around the single speed air conditioner. Air Conditioning systems were “sized” for homes based on the best single speed air conditioner that could do the best job.

In fact, there isn’t one size air conditioner that is always right for a home. The right size system with two people in a home on a humid 88 degree spring day isn’t the right size system for the same home on a 102 degree midsummer day, with full sun during a garden party with 15 guests. Homes are dynamic environments where everything changes … except the single speed air conditioning system.

At one time, the Model-T Ford was the best car available, and we’ve almost forgotten when everyone was scrambling to get a black and white television that had two broadcast stations. Today our kids watch shows on flat screen tablets while riding in the back seat of very different kinds of automobiles. But many family still goes home to a single speed air conditioning system.

The single speed air conditioner the best solution for a long time, because it was the only solution. Today, the single speed air conditioner is still an option, but not always the best option. To know what air conditioning system is best for you and your home, you’ll need to explore some of the more modern systems available.

Contact an AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning professional, they’ll be happy to tell you more about some comfort options like ECM blowers, two speed air conditioning systems, variable speed air conditioning systems, and even ductless mini-split air conditioning system.