Air Conditioning / Comfort Vs Cold

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Here in the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels area of Central Texas, whether an air conditioning system keeps occupants comfortable, or just cold is normally dependent on two separate factors … indoor humidity and air flow velocity.

Studies show that people are most comfortable when the relative humidity is kept between 30% and 50%. During the summer months, temperatures can be allowed to rise to 78 degrees F as long as humidity is maintained below 45%.

Comfort is dependent on both relative humidity and temperature, Body temperature is controlled by evaporation of skin perspiration. Heat is taken from the skin to change the water into vapor during evaporation. People are uncomfortable on hot humid days because perspiration cannot evaporate and we lose that important cooling effect on our skin. Controlling indoor relative humidity levels at or below 50% allows a greater degree of comfort at higher thermostat temperatures. Allow humidity levels to clime and thermostat temperatures will need to be set to lower temperatures. Regulating indoor humidity can be the difference between being comfortable, or just cold and clammy.

Another important factor in indoor comfort is air flow and velocity. Just step in front of a fan next time you get a little too hot. The air temperature is hasn’t changed but how cold you feel certainly will. The same thing happens inside a home whenever we come in contact with cold air blowing from an air conditioning vent.

Nothing is less comfortable than walking thru a home and intermittently feeling the air from each air conditioning vent as you walk by. Unless its sitting in your favorite chair and going from comfortable too cold every time the air conditioner comes on because the air conditioner vent blows directly on you. Controlling indoor air flow and velocity can do a great deal to contribute to indoor comfort.

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