Air Conditioner Runs, But Isn’t Cooling… WHY?

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Out of all the questions customers ask this is one is the most common. If you are currently experiencing this issue following the following tips below:

When was the last time the filter has been replaced? A dirty air filter will slow air flow. If the filter is REALLY dirty it can build ice or frost on the coils and fans making it difficult for your unit to cool it properly.

Solution: It’s as simple as going to the store and buying the correct size filter and replacing dirty filter with a new one. If you do see ice on the outside unit just go to your thermostat switch a/c off and fan to on and let it run for about 30min to 1 hour. Once ice is gone then turn a/c back on if you feel cool air then you fixed it HOORAY…if it’s still not cooling Call a Service Professional to perform the total performance diagnostic to get your a/c back!