AC Tips For New Homeowners

So you’ve bought your first home, congratulations! One aspect that many new homeowners don’t take into consideration is how to properly care for their Air Conditioning unit. Below are some steps you can take to keep your AC running smoothly and your home feeling comfortable.

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Make sure the inside of your house doesn’t become too hot, because ACs are built to regulate your house within about 25° of temperature fluctuation. If the temperature needs to drop more than this, it can cause strain and damage to your air conditioning unit.

One of the simplest air conditioner tips is to change your air conditioner filter at least four times a year to ensure that your family is breathing cleaner air and your HVAC system is not being overworked. It could save energy and money!

Be sure you regularly replace your AC filter. It is recommended to change it at least 4 times per year, but during the hotter months it’s a good idea to change your air conditioning filter once a month. This makes it easy for your air conditioner to do its job as efficiently as possible.

Don’t let heat build up in your home. Appliances, electronic devices, and lighting are all common sources of internal heat gain. To combat this excess heat, avoid putting lamps or televisions near your air conditioner’s thermostat. These heat-generating appliances can cause the thermostat to think the house is warmer than it really is, resulting in the system running longer than necessary and wasting energy.

Many people don’t realize how hot their household appliances get. These devices are constantly running and building up heat that radiates throughout your home. It’s important to turn off appliances that you don’t need in order to not only save electricity, but also to reduce the heat generated in your house (which means your AC has to work less to keep your house comfortable).

Calling In A Professional

It is fairly common for an air conditioner to ice up. The air conditioner drain line can also freeze, or backup and cause a leak, which is often confused for a plumbing leak. When this happens, immediately turn off your compressor by switching your thermostat over to fan. As the ice starts to melt, make sure you have proper drainage and call a professional.

It’s difficult to fully maintain your AC unit by yourself, which is why you should have a professional come in and do maintenance once a year. The best time to schedule maintenance for your AC unit is right before it starts getting warm outside for the year. They can handle the tricky work like making sure the coils are clean, that the ducts are sealed properly, and that everything is running smoothly to reduce the chances of your unit malfunctioning.

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