5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Fail This Summer

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re enjoying cool breeze from your air conditioning system, when suddenly the air slows or stops. When you call to schedule repairs, you find out that your local repair technician is completely booked. Schedulers at other local repair shops inform you that they also have packed schedules. Suddenly, you’re facing days of unbearable hot temperatures that make the air feel heavy and horribly uncomfortable.

Although this type of scenario can happen with a defective or overheated new AC or HVAC system, it most commonly occurs when used ones haven’t been maintained on a regular basis or inspected and cleaned before the start of the summer season. To reduce the chance of sudden and lengthy suffering in sweltering heat, consider an immediate inspection if any of the following applies to your air conditioning:

Poor Maintenance History

As mentioned, an AC or HVAC system can fail if it hasn’t been cleaned since you last used it. Dust and dirt can accumulate on filters and the cooling coil. When this happens, overheating happens as a result of poor air flow through filters and ice buildup on the coil. Additionally, pests can damage wires, chew parts or even die in the system. Any of these possibilities can make the system fail.

Older Unit

Older units have a tendency to fail even with regular maintenance after they pass the ten year mark. Parts simply break down from normal wear and tear. Also, the cost of maintaining 10-year old and older units increases above the price of a brand new system with better temperature controls and a longer lifespan.

Higher Energy Bills

It’s definitely time to have your air conditioner or HVAC system inspected if your energy bills show a sudden spike in power usage over previous years when you didn’t actually increase the usage. Whenever a dirty or faulty unit has to work harder, it uses more energy.

Air Temp And Flow Problems

If the air blowing out of the vents has been warm, weak or strong one moment and then weak the next, your AC or HVAC system will likely break down soon. The air compressor or a part within it, such as the cooling coil, might be failing. With spotty air flow the problem could be a faulty fan or something blocking the vents.

Strange Odors And Noises

An abnormal smell or noise coming from a unit typically indicates that it’s unsafe to use and a breakdown risk. Odors can come from burning parts materials caused by overheating or defect. Noises can occur for similar reasons. Another possibility is that a pest has become trapped or died somewhere in the system. Lastly, mold growth can create toxic spores and a musty smell.

As you can see, air conditioners can fail for a variety reasons. Yet, you can reduce the chance of failure with a simple pre-season inspection, cleaning and preventative repairs. You can also help protect yourself and your loved ones from a bigger emergency than a broken AC, such as fire and unsafe environmental exposures. If you’re overdue for an AC Repair in Kyle TX, be sure to give AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning a call (512) 392-0022 before summer arrives! We’d love to set up an appointment to ensure your system is properly tuned to keep you comfortable throughout the sweltering Texas heatwaves that are drawing ever closer.