The 4 Main Types Of Insulation

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It’s usually around Winter time when people start worrying about their home insulation, but the truth is that insulation is crucial year-round for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

New insulation products give homeowners a plethora of options when it comes to home insulation installation. The best part is that as a homeowner, you aren’t limited to a single kind of insulation, but can actually apply different types of insulation to different areas in your home to maximize energy savings!

The best way to determine which type or types of insulation will work for your home is to hire trained insulation specialists to analyze your home’s insulation needs and professionally install the optimal insulation that will work for you.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home in need of insulation or need to install insulation into your existing home, AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning has your back and will help you install anytime!

There are 4 main types of home insulation:

Batt/Roll Insulation:

When people think of insulation, batt insulation is almost always the first kind that pops into their head. This kind of insulation is the pink or yellow roll type that is commonly composed of fiberglass. Roll insulation is commonly used in ceilings and to line walls, and comes in a variety of widths that match standard stud-spacing. Roll insulation can be cut; and it’s often times produced with foil on one side to act as a vapor barrier.

Foam Board/Rigid Board:

As the name implies, Foam or Rigid board insulation is insulation done in board style. Boards can be cut to fit different spaces, allowing for versatility and allowing it to fill up spaces from top to bottom.

Spray Foam:

Spray foam has quickly become one of the most popular types of insulation because of it’s ability to conform to any space and creates an airtight seal with everything it comes in contact with. A quite interesting adhesive, spray foam expands drastically the moment it comes in contact with air, so for the proper installation of it, it’s best to hire a trained professional.


Loose-fill is an option when planning a new installation, but it is especially useful for retro-fitting older homes with better insulation. This is because the recycled materials are blown into houses through a hose from a small hole made in an outside wall.

There are plenty of choices you can use to insulate your home, but it all depends on the layout of your home. If you are need insulation installation or need your home assessed to see which insulation type works best for you, call AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning. Located in the Central Texas area, call the professionals you can count on for the best installation and best value.