Scheduled Maintenance

Energy Savings

AirOne Comfort Society

Normal maintenance plans only confirm your system is running, but how do you know how efficiently your system is running? A standard 21 point inspection can detect existing and potential problems but will not tell you if your system has any performance problems.

This is why AirOne created it’s Total Performance Diagnostic service. So we could diagnose any problems and evaluate the efficiency of your current HVAC system.

Every AirOne Comfort Society membership includes the Total Diagnostic Performance plus the following:

  • $20.00 Service Calls
  • 20% Discount on Repairs
  • Priority Service 24/7
  • Cooling Performance Diagnostics & Service
  • Heating Performance Diagnostics & Service
  • Clearing Drain Lines and Cleaning Condenser Coils

All this service for only $14.95 per month

Serving central Texas for over 25 years, AirOne offers the best customer service for your  air conditioning and heating needs. Whether you need a new air conditioner, a repair or a tune up to your heat pump, AirOne can help. Our skilled technicians can quickly and expertly diagnose your air conditioning, heating or electrical problems. We can set up a scheduled maintenance plan to keep your air conditioning, heating and electrical systems in top operating form. We are also the only shop in San Marcos certified in carbon monoxide testing and remediation

We believe the air in your home or business should be clean and comfortable, and we have the skills to keep it that way. We partner with Carrier to provide our customers with the most efficient air conditioning systems, air cleaners, thermostats and accessories for their budget. Your air conditioning, heating and electrical systems are in good hands with AirOne. All work is warranted, both parts and labor.