Signs Your AC Is Leaking Freon

a technician carrying a tank of refrigerant

For many homeowners, air conditioning is a must-have in their home. It makes the house a comfortable space during the hot days of summer. While you may have your AC unit regularly maintained and tuned up to prevent it from breaking down, it’s possible that a Freon leak can occur at any time. Freon is essentially the coolant that turns hot air into cold air. This air is then pumped through the rest of your home. If your AC unit is leaking Freon, this could cause quite a few problems. Freon, itself, is a dangerous chemical that can cause you a lot of harm if you try to handle it on your own. Instead, you should hire a professional to fix the problem for you. To determine if your AC unit is leaking Freon, look for these signs.

Foul Odor

A Freon leak can usually be determined by an unpleasant odor. It can be difficult to pinpoint where the bad smell is coming from within your house. That’s because Freon is essentially being pumped through every room in the house. And since most refrigerants are heavier than air, they sink to ground evenly distributing the smell. If you find that the smell is in every room but seems to be coming from your vents, then it’s a good chance that the smell is Freon.

Burning Sensation In Nose, Eyes, And Mouth

Freon can cause quite a few unpleasant side effects if it is inhaled over a prolonged time or in an enclosed room. If you notice that your eyes are starting to water, your nose is burning, or your mouth is even starting to feel as though it is tingling or burning, then you could be breathing in Freon. Too much exposure can become deadly. It’s important that you ventilate all rooms in the event of a Freon leak. This can prevent toxic fumes from building up in a single room and causing further damage to your health. You should also never touch Freon. It can burn your skin. This is why it’s paramount that you hire a professional to inspect your AC so that they can handle the Freon with their own equipment.

Frozen Block On AC Line

You can also perform a visual inspection to determine if Freon is leaking from your air conditioning unit. If you have ever noticed a big block of ice that is entrenched around a line stemming from your AC unit to your home, it’s likely due to a Freon leak. Because the Freon is no longer under immense pressure it can’t absorb the condensation that gets accumulated over time; instead, the moisture on the outside of the pipes freeze up seizing the system. You can also determine if the AC unit has a Freon leak by looking for a puddle on the floor surrounding the AC unit. You should never touch this puddle. While it may just be water, it could also be Freon. This liquid can burn you or cause other unpleasant side effects if touched.

Know Your Laws

According to the Environment Protection Agency most older AC Systems use a Freon called R-22. When exposed to open air, the Freon ascends into the atmosphere where it decays parts of the Earth’s Ozone layer. If you have a Freon leak you may be violating EPA laws since they classify this type of this refrigerant as containing hazardous chemicals to the environment. It’s best to find AC leaks as quick as your can and know your route to getting it fixed. Finding reliable AC repair in Buda Tx is essential for living a conditioned life in Buda, it’s better getting it done professionally than to suffer the reoccurring issues.

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