Duct Systems Effect Indoor Air Quality


Q.  Can a bad duct system lower the quality of the air inside a home?

A. Yes! There are several way poor duct systems may work to lower indoor air quality.

  1. Unsealed return air ducts may allow unfiltered air to enter the home bringing with it heat, humidity, dirt, spores, allergens and other materials.
  2. Unsealed supply air ducts may release conditioned air into unconditioned spaces, creating a net negative pressure inside a home causing unfiltered to enter the home by way of any crack, crevicse or unsealed opening in the structure.
  3. Ducts with excessively high static may reduce system air flow, creating dew point conditions within the duct system resulting in excess moisture that created a breeding ground for microbial growth in both the ducts and air handling equipment.
  4. Duct systems with poor, inadequate or compromised insulation may also exacerbate the growth of microbial organisms.