Commercial Kitchen

Why Maintenance Matters

Refrigeration upkeep is critical in ensuring that equipment is running properly and efficiently. Your products should NEVER be put at risk because routine maintenance wasn’t performed.

AirOne’s Commercial Maintenance Package is designed to keep equipment on track with routine upkeep, allowing you and your staff more time to focus on managing the business.

Take a Look at Some of the Benefits

  • Protect Your Investment: Professional maintenance minimized wear and tear and extends equipment lifespan.
  • Maximize Operating Efficiency: Well-maintained equipment keeps it running at peak efficiency.
  • Reduce Machine Downtime: Regular servicing ensures smooth operation while significantly reducing machine downtime.
  • Educate Staff Members: We educate staff members on the proper operation of each piece of equipment. One restaurant had an expensive mixer that had to have the transmission rebuilt by AirOne because of inexperienced operators. The repair could have been avoided if the staff knew how to properly change the settings. AirOne instructed the restaurant staff on the proper operating procedures, and since then, they have had no problems with the mixer.
  • Ensure Food Safety: Inhibit microbial growth and slime on ice machines, coolers and freezers with regular cleanings.
  • Reduce Repair Cost: Regular maintenance reduces the amount of repairs that need to be performed, reducing the overall cost of running the equipment. Additionally, AirOne extends a 10% discount on any repairs that do occur.

What’s Included with Our Package

Each preventative maintenance plan is tailored to meet your financial goals. We offer monthly, quarterly or bi-annual plans for all commercial kitchen equipment and HVAC systems.

Our certified technicians will perform a thorough examination of your equipment to identify any areas of concern and provide recommendations for possible improvements. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance examination includes an extensive list of checkpoints to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency.

Listed below are just some of the key inspections performed:

Walk-in Cooler and Walk-in Freezer, Reach-in Cooler and Reach-in Freezer Maintenance

  • Clean condenser coil bi-annually
  • Clean evaporator coil bi-annually (walk-ins only)
  • Clear drain lines
  • Inspect electrical components and verify proper refrigerant charge

Ice Machine Maintenance

  • Quarterly or bi-annual cleaning of the water distribution system
  • Verify operation
  • Visually inspect machine’s components and address any issues. This includes checking:
    • Water filtration system
    • Water sensors
    • Evaporator
    • Cube sizing controls
    • Thermistors
    • Hoses
    • Water pump and reservoir

HVAC System Maintenance

  • Clean condenser bi-annually
  • Clean drain lines
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Verify proper refrigerant charge
  • Inspect filters monthly and replace as needed
  • Replace worn belts