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Benefits of AirOne’s Club Membership

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One Complimentary Full Inspection and Maintenance Checkup per year!

AirOne follows the check list from Energy Star to ensure your HVAC system is running at its top efficiency. You will receive inspection and maintenance service for your cooling and heating HVAC system. By keeping a close eye on your HVAC system, your technician can help make adjustments and improvements in its operation. For a more detail list of the checkup service, please see the list below.

Manufacturer's Warranty

We Ensure You Get the Most out of Your Warranty

AirOne documents all service maintenance. If any manufacturer requests proof of maintenance before honoring a warranty repair, we keep detailed records and can provide them as needed.

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10% Discounts on ALL Repairs

Club Members take advantage of prime savings. Only $40.00 for a full system diagnostic for any non-maintained related calls including emergency after hours calls!

Priority Service

Club Members are AirOne’s Priority

You get a fast pass for your comfort. If an emergency does take place, your club membership provides you a guarantee of a service technician at your door within 24 hours or less. We prioritize the needs of our members, even when demand is high.

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Cooling Service & Inspection Includes:

System cooling capacity and evaluation

Verification of proper refrigerant charge

Inspection of electrical controls and components

Verify proper condenser & blower fan amperage & operation

Verify proper compressor amperage & operation

Visual inspection for safety, energy conservation, cleanliness

Cooling system component evaluation & rating

System safety inspection & evaluation

Estimated Annual Operating Cost

Clear condensate drain line

Solution-wash condenser coils

Thermal imagining to reveal if there are any leaks in the duct work

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Heating Service & Inspection Includes:

System heating capacity

System heating efficiency evaluation

Inspect air distribution (duct) system

Evaluate system air volume (CFM)

Verify proper temperature rise

Evaluate system for SAFE operation (see example below)

Inspection of heating controls & components

System heating component evaluation & rating

Test indoor Carbon Monoxide levels—Gas systems

Solution-wash condenser coils—Heat pump systems

Thermal imagining to reveal if there are any leaks in the duct work

When you use our automatic debit program, AirOne requires no large annual payment or contractual commitment. Provided that you keep your card information up to date with us, you never need to worry about annual renewal fees or lapsing benefits. Additionally, with this service you are free to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason.

AirOne memberships are also available in annual contracts. However, should you decide to cancel your annual membership, they are non-refundable in whole or in part.