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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems are not like cell phones or automobiles where component parts are assembled in factories with an emphasis on quality control and quality control testing.  Air conditioning systems are assembled on site by independent HVAC contractors.  How well air conditioning equipment operates, how long an air conditioning system will operate and the degree of repair and maintenance problems have all been traced back to how air conditioning equipment is installed.

Consider this report card from the Energy Star HVAC Quality Installation Program

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Contractor air conditioning system installation practices have been a big concern of government energy regulators, utility companies, and HVAC industry groups since the early 1990s.  In many states and cities, third party verification of proper air conditioning system installation has been mandated by law.  Other states and cities have tied their energy rebate programs to various kinds of installation quality assurance programs.

Short cutting good air conditioning installation practices may save builders and homeowners a few dollars on replacement costs … after all, “there’s not job so poorly done that someone can’t do it cheaper”.  But like the commercial says, “You could buy a cheaper burger … but then you would have to eat it”

When it comes to air conditioning and heating, someone will be chewing on that burger for the next 10 to 20 years.    You’ll find some informative videos  here.

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