Saving Money with Heat Pump Air Conditioners


A heat pump is a good choice

Air source Heat pump systems extract heat from chilly outside air and transfer that  heat into your house?   Heat pump technology  uses refrigerationDiagram showing the inner workings of an outdoor condenser unit cycle technology rather than fuel combustion to provide heating during cold winter months.  Extracting heat using this mechanical process is much less costly than just burning electricity.

Heat pump effeciency is rated as HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) which in an indicator of how man Btu’s a heat pump system produces per KW of electricity.  Electric resistance heat only produces approximately 3.414 Btu’s per KW while heat pump systems will produce from 7 to 13 Btu’s per KW.

Upward-spiraling energy costs and technological breakthroughs have catapulted heat pumps into a popular, sensible alternative to conventional electric heat systems. Advances in technology have ushered in a new generation of energy-efficient and reliable systems that are winning over homeowners. Carrier Greenspeed technology is the most promosing heat pump technology.

Air-source heat pumps  do lose some effeciency at extremely cold conditions but those extreme conditions rare here in Central Texas   Winters in the San Marcos, New Braunfels, Buda, and Kyle areas are ideal for heat pump application due to our generally mild winter temperatures. A new heat pump can save enough in utility costs to pay for the additional equipment expense withing the first year of opperation.

Does your furnace or heat pump need replaced?

Do you want a new heat pump because your present one isn’t heating or cooling properly or is making too much noise?

You may find that a few simple repairs or  some system service and maintenance are all thats are needed to restore your indooor comfort an AirOneTotal Performance Diagnostic’ can help you make the right repair/replace decision.