Why is There No Power to My Air Conditioning Unit?

Air Conditioning

Most people who call AirOne ask this question hoping to fix an easy fix. For the most part no power to the a/c system can be a very easy fix. These are the questions I ask the customer over the phone:

  1. Is the breaker tripped
  2. Is the thermostat working

If a customer say’s “Yes the breaker is tripped” then you have to reset the breaker correctly ( please see link for instructions on how to reset breakers https://youtu.be/Vf-m1QisJ6c )  If you follow the instructions and properly flip breaker back on and now the system is working just fine, that would be an easy fix. If the customer say’s that the breaker KEEPS tripping after it’s been reset that’s your unit giving you a red flags saying “Something is wrong with me”! This is when you know to call the professions to come diagnose your system. Breakers are designed to trip and shut down power before it over loads and causes a house fire so nothing to panic over because it can be repaired but don’t wait. A breaker that keeps tripping can be a wire short on your unit or maybe the compressor is going out. If you are currently experiencing this problem call us today.

If the customer says, “No” to the breaker being tripped then the next question would be is your thermostat working? One thing that can be the cause of the thermostat not working is bad batteries. If you replace the batteries and if the systems turns back on then it’s an easy fix. If the batteries have been replaced and there is still no power then it could be a few other problems.

Check the next blog for clogged drain lines. Why and when does a float switch cut off power to your a/c system will be answered.

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