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Saving Energy: Keep Your Home Warm without the Waste

Energy Savings

As the winter months approach in central Texas, homeowners across the state are preparing to flip from cooling their homes to heating them. In addition to heating their homes, homeowners will also be paying for it, and sometimes much more than is necessary. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating a home can take up as much as 42% of your utility bill, costing more money and energy than any other system used in your home.1

Homeowners today are eager to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their utility bill this winter, and AirOne Heating & Air Conditioning is here with a solution. Keep reading to find out how to save energy while keeping your home warm, and to learn about a special offer AirOne is extending to homeowners for a limited time beginning November 2019.

Utilize Your Windows

Windows can be used to your advantage when keeping a home warm. During the day, any windows facing South in your home will receive the majority of sunlight, especially on a sunny day. Keep the shades, drapes, or blinds on these windows open during the day to let in the sunlight and the warmth it brings with it. Close these windows and others after the sun goes down to avoid feeling the chill from the glass cooling at night.

Turn Off Your Exhaust Fans

If you turn on kitchen or bath exhaust fans, make sure not to leave them on longer than necessary. Twenty minutes is usually enough for them to do their job. If this isn’t the case for you, consider having your exhaust fans examined by a professional or possibly replaced. If you do need your exhaust fans replaced, high-efficiency models are a great option for keeping the noise level low, as well as keeping your utility bill low.

Clean Furnace Filters Monthly

Most modern homeowners use a furnace to heat their homes. If this is the case in your home, you need to ensure that the filter for your furnace is changed regularly. Most filters should be changed monthly with no exceptions. Some models may differ. Always follow the recommendation for the filter type you’re using. If you aren’t sure what the recommendation is, call an HVAC professional for assistance.

Try a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners often set their home thermostat to the most comfortable temperature and leave it there. This results in a lot of wasted energy that still ends up on a utility bill. A programmable thermostat can fix that by giving you more control over the temperature in your home.

Programmable thermostats are the best way to start saving energy. These thermostats let you set the temperature in your home to different levels depending on the time of day. When you get home, you want your house to be at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. However, when you’re away from home for significant periods, your home doesn’t need to be set to the same temperature it would be if you were there.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set your home to be cooler during the time you’re away, and to start returning to a warmer temperature at a specific time. You won’t have to walk into a cold home and wait for it to heat up – your home will be warm when you arrive, but you’ll still have saved all of the energy your heating system would have otherwise used during the day while you were gone.

AirOne’s Energy Saving Offer for Winter 2019

To help our valued community and local homeowners reduce their energy usage, AirOne is offering free installation of WiFi programmable thermostats to anyone who purchases one between November 1st, 2019 and January 31st, 2020.

To take part in this effort to help our community go green, purchase a WiFi thermostat from AirOne Heating & Air Conditioning, or from your local hardware store, and hang on to your receipt. Then just call our office at (512) 392 – 0022 and make an appointment for your free installation before January 31st, 2020.

If you think the thermostat wiring in your home will have to be replaced before a new one can be installed, make sure to ask your AirOne technician about it. We are always more than happy to complete this service, but it will not be included in the free installation of a WiFi programmable thermostat. All installations will be scheduled during regular business hours between 11/1/2019 and 1/31/2020.

Excited to start saving energy? Give us a call today to learn more!