Kyle Air Conditioning: by AirOne

Energy Savings

Hot summer days in Kyle, Texas will make you wish for air conditioning if you don’t have it. Deciding to take the plunge and installing central air can make your hot air more bearable. Choosing the  right size unit for your home is the first of many choices  you will have to make. A heat gain calculation will show the  professionals at AirOne just how much heat your home  gains and what is needed to lower the temperature. The highly trained  professionals at AirOne can determine the right size  unit for the job.

AirOne can also give you advice and provide you  with central air installation that warms your home, and keeps you toasty  in the winter. Whether your home is situated in sunlight or shade, a  steady temperature can be maintained throughout each room with  strategically placed air vents and the right HVAC unit. The sun can come  and go, but you will be comfortable inside with central air  installation.

If you feel your current central air is not keeping your home as  comfortable as you would like, we can  provide you with the service, parts and labor to make your unit perform  to its optimum level. We can check out the levels and pressure of all  the fluids, along with the state of the coils and wiring. The thermostat  may need a small adjustment and they can calibrate it. Thermostats  reading the temperature correctly and cutting the unit on or off at the  right time can add energy efficiency to your home. Central Air  will treat the drain line and check the air filter. Their services  include cleaning or replacing the air filters, as needed.