HVAC Ducts and City Codes


Q. If a duct installation passes inspection, is it a good duct system?

A. Not really. Most building codes in the San Marcos Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels area don’t address the air flow side of a duct system. A duct system with terrible air flow can pass code inspection … as long as it is properly sealed and insulated. Home owners assume that if duct system passes inspection, it must be a good duct system. It is important to realize that code inspections to set the benchmark for the minimin level of what is acceptable. When we build to code, we are building to the lowest level allowed rather than the highest possible quality. Heating and air conditioning systems with poor duct systems will not operate at their designed capacity or designed energy rating.  Passing a building code inspection is not a bad thing, but just not being a bad thing isn’t necessarily a good thing.