Home Comfort Survey

If you would please take the time to complete the questionnaire, it will help in two ways. First, you will receive the best possible home comfort options because our professional Comfort Advisor will be able to pinpoint the system for your home that best meets all of your needs. Second, the process will move much more quickly as we perform your home energy audit concurrent with the home comfort survey.

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General Information

Do you own or rent your home?

How long do you plan to live in the home?

How long have you currently lived in your present home?

Do you know how old the home is and the year it was built?

Do you know how old the furnace is in the home?

Do you have central air?

If so, how old is your system?

Has the home ever had insulation added to it?

If so, when and where was it added, and what was the factory rating?

Has the home ever had new windows and doors?

If so, when and where were they added, and what's their factory rating?

Has the home ever had air sealing and penetrations caulked?

If so, when and what factory rating?

Has the home been remodeled?

If so, when?

Do you have any future plans to remodel?

Your Home Comfort Needs

How did you come to choose AirOne Air Conditioning?

Why are you considering a new comfort system?

Are there any hot/cold spots in the home, or areas that may not be even in temperature?

Are you interested in a cheaper system or the best value available to you?

Please check the items on the list that are important to you.

Of the options mentioned above, please list your top 5 priority from 1 being the most important to 5 being the least.

Does anyone in the family have allergies or appear to be suffering?

If so, how severe are the allergies?

Whole House Energy & Comfort Options

Are you familiar with the Energy Star program from the EPA or the Energy Tax Credits available to you?

What budget range did you have in mind?

About what can you afford monthly?

If AirOne can design the best system that meets all your family needs and provide comfort, energy savings, the safest and reliable system, can we ask you for the business today?