Get back up to $4,100 on some systems

Energy Savings

The state of Texas has been given a little over $23 million to hand out for replacing appliances with more energy efficient ones.  We don’t know the full details yet, but it looks like you can get an additional $1,600 off some systems ON TOP of the federal tax credit.

Let’s say you have a gas furnace and your utility company is PEC, here’s the kind of rebates you can get on your new system:

PEC (dual fuel rebate): $1,000
Federal Tax Credit: $1,500
Texas  Rebate: $1,600

Total Rebates: $4,100

That’s HUGE!  Almost half-off a new system.  Now here’s the catch: the Texas program is only valid for one week in April.  So get on board now!  Read up on the program and as soon as we have more details, I’ll let you know.