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Tips To Hire Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC Pros

Most of our homes these days have Air Conditioning/Heating & HVAC systems, and these systems need regular maintenance. This makes it important to hire quality maintenance professionals, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you choose the right company. Nothing in your house can affect your comfort quite as much as your heating and cooling…
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

Air Conditioning / What About Heating?

Most air conditioning systems in the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, and New Braunfels area are central air conditioning systems that work in conjunction with a central heating system. Both systems share a common blower and air duct system. Air conditioning options and heating options will need to be designed and installed properly in order to…
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

Performance – Diagnostics

You live in the 21st Century … Shouldn’t your Air Conditioning Company? It’s time to bring cooling and heating system diagnostics out of the Dark Ages.  Every technician knows that just because a heating or cooling system is working, doesn’t mean it’s working right.  Working just means that your system is moving air and making noise. …
A Glossary of HVAC Technical Definitions

A Glossary of HVAC Technical Definitions

AFUE   The ratio of annual output energy compared to annual input energy. The higher the AFUE percentage is, the more efficient the furnace.  Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of your furnace’s heating efficiency. Airflow The distribution or movement of air Air Handler/Coil Blower. Air flow volume is measured in CFM (cubic foot…