Indoor Air Quality

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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

With many Texans currently working from home, and even when office presence opens again, many of us spend a significant amount of our time in the comfort of our own homes. At home we might not often think about the air we’re breathing – we might just assume it’s healthy and clean. However, since it’s…
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What Is A Whole House Air Purifier?

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, it is likely you have considered investing in an air purifier for your home. There are many dust and dirt particles and other contaminants circulating throughout your home, and the effects of these can take a toll on your health. The typical amount of contaminants can be amplified…
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Improving Air Quality While Working From Home

When it comes to your health, there are many tips and trends out there on how to avoid bad habits and stay in the most optimal health possible. However, one of the most important aspects to your physical health is often overlooked: the quality of your air. The quality of the air you are breathing…
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Your HVAC System And Your Pets

Pet owners often deal with more home pollutants, such as dust and dander, than other homeowners. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be detrimental to your air quality if you follow these simple tips! Change Air Filters It’s recommended to change your air filters regularly regardless of whether you have pets in your home. However, if…
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Improving Your Winter Air Quality

Being indoors more often during the winter presents plenty of opportunities for family togetherness and other enjoyable moments. However, the air that’s breathed and circulated indoors during these moments may not be as safe and harmless as most people would think. Air quality issues can be just as problematic if you run a business. In…
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HVAC Odors That Every Home & Business Owner Should Know:
Insight from Your Experts on Air Conditioning Repair in San Marcos TX

There is a popular saying in Texas that states, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait ten minutes, and it will change.” When it comes to temperature fluctuations, many Texans know that within one day, the heater may be on in the morning and the air conditioner could running in the afternoon.…
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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Air Filter
Insight from Your San Marcos Air Conditioning Experts

The filter of your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your system running smoothly. Because it is the first line of defense against the various types of debris and dust that might be in the air, the filter not only keeps your HVAC system from getting clogged, but it also plays a huge…
Air conditioner repair in San Marcos TX can help with allergens such as the dandelion pictured here.

How Your AC Can Help Fight Your Allergies
Tips from Your Experts on Air Conditioner Repair in San Marcos TX

Your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit is constantly working to keep your home or office space a comfortable place to live and work. But, beyond just keeping your space at the right temperature all year, it helps fight against seasonal allergies as well. Especially here in central Texas where allergies run high, properly…
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Benefits Of Indoor Air Quality Tests

The air in your home will have a major impact on your overall health. Due to the importance of air, ensuring that the air in your home is safe to breathe is very important. One great way to confirm whether or not your home’s air is safe to breath is by having an air quality…
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Maximizing Your Home Ventilation System

The ventilation system and air conditioner in your home allows you to relax and be comfortable without having to deal with the hot temperatures outside. However, the chronic use of your system can lead to an increase in your energy bill every month. By incorporating some of the tips covered in this article to help…
Indoor Air Quality Series: Asthma Triggers—a guide to prevent and safely remove allergens from your home

[Infographic] Indoor Air Quality—Asthma Triggers

For many people, allergies and asthma are bad enough outside, and it’s nice to be able to get inside to escape these triggers. With spring in full swing in Central Texas, it’s easy to blame your symptoms on all the pollen, mold, and other allergens floating around outside. However, there’s a number of asthma and…
Cross-section blueprints of a home showing HVAC Zoning

How HVAC Zoning Works

How HVAC Zoning Works Adding HVAC zoning to your HVAC system is a terrific way to control the air temperature in individual rooms of your house. This will keep you from having to constantly heat or cool certain areas in your home. Why Choose a Zoning System? Save Money It can be very expensive to…
Photo of an inside dog, showing a common source of indoor allergies

Relieving Common Allergies Through Regular HVAC Maintenance

Asthma and allergic diseases affect more than 24 million people in the United States and over 6 million of these are children. When most people think of allergies, they think of hay fever, sneezing, coughing, and runny noses, but there are other allergies that many suffer from, including food allergies and eczema that, believe it…
Air balancing is illustrated through an interior space full of house plants

Air Balancing: What It Means For Your Home

Airflow balancing or air flow is the process of adjusting and measuring the temperature throughout your home or building evenly. An HVAC technician can decrease or increase the airflow into certain rooms that will help you feel more comfortable. Most commercial buildings and residential homes were not built to distribute the air evenly throughout. This…
3 Reasons Air Quality is Worse in Winter

3 Reasons Indoor Air Quality is Worse in Winter

As fall ends, most homeowners begin to think about winterizing the home. Storm doors are installed, windows are insulated and the thermostats are checked. But many homeowners don’t think about the air quality in their homes. And many don’t know that air quality is worse indoors during the winter than during the summer. As you…
HVAC Upgrades That Can Benefit Your Health

HVAC Upgrades That Can Benefit Your Health

It’s been a fairly warm winter so far in Central Texas, so you may be out enjoying the temperate weather every chance you get… but you still spend a lot of time indoors–especially when it’s cold out! While you’re inside, breathing high-quality air is important for your health and comfort. During cold and flu season,…