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Refrigerant Shortage and Copper Prices

The new R410A refrigerant, now required in all new HVAC systems, is going to be in short supply this summer according to DuPont and our suppliers.  AirOne has stocked up on almost $13,000 worth of refrigerant in an effort to maintain low prices for our clients. More information: Update on HFC-125 Supply Situation-4 29 10 Additionally,…
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

Texas Appliance Rebate… Apology?

Received this email today: April 22, 2010 Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback regarding your recent experience with the Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate Program. We know that many hardworking Texans spent hours trying to reserve a rebate. We recognize your frustrations and concerns. As you know, Texas was given one-time only funding…
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

San Marcos AC Repair Has Never Been This High Tech

Soon AirOne will be receiving a shipment of Dell Latitude XT2 XFR laptops.  These aren’t your standard laptops.  These devices will allow our comfort specialists to diagnose your ac system quickly, give them a complete client history in the field and provide all the manufacture’s repair and warranty data.  We’re also equipping them with internet access so any information…
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

Texas Appliance Rebate

Yesterday was a day of joy and frustration. We estimate that 48% of our client who wanted a rebate reservation got it! Thanks to all of you who kept in touch with us on Twitter and by email. News 8 Austin dropped by last night to interview us about the rebates, check it out here.
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

San Marcos Daily Record Interviews Our Cats!

Today we’re being interviewed by the local paper about having pets in our office!  In case you didn’t know, they’re the office cats who keep us entertained and our shirts full of fur. Meet Frisky and Lacy. The Office Cats
Sunset over a field of Texas bluebonnets

One Step Closer!

At AirOne we’re ALWAYS looking for better, faster, easier, cheaper (in that order) ways to server our clients.  We’re reaching for nirvana: paperless office, online scheduling, online client access to history and remote system diagnostics. Over the last few weeks we’ve been pounding the keyboards and phone working with our new software vendor, HindSite Software.  Tomorrow,…
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AirOne Staff Christmas Present

Part of our commitment to social responsibility is taking care of our staff as well as we take care of our clients.  Each year for Christmas we take a company trip to something holiday themed.  Last year it was Schlitterbahn Christmas, this year we’re taking it up a notch.  We’re off to see the Trans-Siberian…
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Total Performance Diagnostics … call 392-0022

Total Performance Diagnostic Client Report To insure your heating or cooling system is operating at designed efficiency and capacity, your AirOne technician will provide you a Total Performance Diagnostic system report.  This is the cutting edge of HVAC innovation and technology.  There is no additional cost for this service that provides you and the AirOne technician…