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Help Your AC Last Longer

If you have endured even one of our Central Texas summers, then you know that keeping cool is a priority for everyone. It’s no wonder that a common concern for Texans is having their AC unit go out during those summer months where temperatures can reach record high levels of 110 degrees for weeks on…
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My A/C Isn’t Cooling My Home Evenly

There are a variety of things that might alert you to the fact that your air conditioner is not cooling your home evenly. You might notice that your living room is chilly but your study still hasn’t cooled to a comfortable temperature yet. If not a noticeable temperature difference, you might realize that your air…
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How To Tell If Your Evaporator Is Going Out
AC Repair In San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, and New Braunfels

As we become accustomed to the convenient use of our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC), it is really easy to forget the complexity behind how the system is constantly working for us. That is, however, until your system starts to fail. If your air conditioning system is no longer pushing out cold air…
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Why Spring Is A Great Time For AC Maintenance In San Marcos

AC Maintenance In San Marcos Having your heating, ventilation, and San Marcos air conditioning system checked regularly is important in order to maintain a properly working system and to avoid any inconvenient repairs. But if you are like many people, having your HVAC system regularly inspected by a professional might not be high on your…
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What to Expect When Replacing Your HVAC System
From AirOne A/C & Heating in San Marcos

There are many benefits to owning a home. Home ownership also comes with its own set of responsibilities. Systems and appliances must be maintained, repaired, and sometimes replaced in order to keep your home safe and comfortable. Your HVAC system is one of these important elements that will require routine maintenance throughout the years, and…
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Happy 100th Blog Post!

AirOne Heating & Air Conditioning’s blog has now reached over a hundred posts. It hosts information about everything from DIY repair tips to detailed information about specific HVAC systems, and much more! Our most recent posts included: How Smart Vents Can Help Improve Your Intelligent HVAC System Performance Signs Your A/C is Leaking Freon Top…
Vent Airflow

Top Causes of Airflow Problems in Your A/C
Advice from an AC Repair company in Buda TX

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As global warming takes its toll on the universe, the demand for HVAC systems has been on the increase. To grab a more significant share of the pie, most HVAC developers have begun creating some state of the art systems that provide not only thermal comfort but also guarantee several decades without any repairs. However,…
Prepare Your AC For Winter – Heating Services near San Marcos

Prepare Your AC For Winter – Heating Services near San Marcos

During the Texas heat, most homeowners run their AC for the majority of the year. However, these units need occasional maintenance in order to perform efficiently and smoothly. While annual tune-ups are recommended, some maintenance should be done more often. In addition, as we transition from the warm summer months into cooler ones, you’ll need…
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Tips For Keeping Cool During Texas Summers

Summer in Central Texas is great for a lot of reasons. There are plenty of lakes and rivers in the region, which are great for some fun adventures or family outings. You can go hiking, or attend outdoor concerts and events–whatever you’re looking for, Central Texas has plenty to offer. Unfortunately, with the summer also…
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How Often Do You Need Air Conditioner Service?

Being a homeowner comes with its own set of questions and responsibilities. One of these is knowing when to schedule service for your air conditioner. You’ve probably already heard that regular maintenance can help increase the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance can also keep your device in prime condition, which can help…
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The Difference Between Single Stage And Variable Speed A/C Systems

If you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioner, or just curious about the unit you already have, we’re here to explain the difference between single stage and variable speed A/C systems. Both systems have their own advantages. Small Variances Make a Big Difference The difference between variable speed air conditioners and single stage air conditioners…
Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

What Causes A/C Coils To Freeze

Frozen coils on your air conditioner can be caused by a variety of system failures, which can make them difficult to diagnose. Many of these issues can be quickly fixed by a San Marcos HVAC professional, but if left unattended they can wreak havoc on your air conditioner. In order to keep your A/C running…
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Is Your A/C Low On Refrigerant: Warning Signs

Keeping your air conditioner on during the hot summer months is an important part of keeping your home comfortable. The best way to detect potential problems is to have an HVAC professional tune-up your unit. However, there are also warning signs you can look for yourself. Below are some symptoms to watch for that might…
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A/C Options For Homes With Boilers

If you live in a home that has a boiler in it, you may face challenges when it comes to cooling your home during the warm weather months. Due to the fact that your home does not have pre-existing ductwork, the options that you have for cooling your home are limited. Even though there are…
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Why Insulation Matters When Installing A New A/C System

Many HVAC professionals will make installing a new A/C system look like an easy job, but in reality installing a new system has many complexities to consider that homeowners may not be familiar with. One consideration to keep in mind when having a new A/C system installed is the condition of the home’s insulation. Why…
Does Your A/C System Need Coolant?

Does Your A/C System Need Coolant?

Central air conditioning units are essential for regulating the temperature of the air in homes and offices, and their main job is to keep a constant flow of cool air circulating throughout. The coolant in these air conditioners is supposed to last the lifetime of the air conditioner. However there are several reasons why a…
Ensure Your A/C Operates At Peak Efficiency All Year

Ensure Your A/C Operates At Peak Efficiency All Year

Texas summers are notorious for being exceptionally hot, and with hotter temperatures comes higher electricity bills. Did you know there are some ways to help make sure that your electric bill is reasonable, no matter how hot it is outside? Aside from simple tips such as turning off lights you aren’t using, ensuring there are…
The History of the Air Conditioner

The History of the Air Conditioner

When you start sweating and heating up in the Summer, isn’t it nice to be able to simply walk to your A/C thermostat and make it cooler in your home within minutes? Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have A/C technology! Once thought of as a luxury, the A/C unit is now…