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Illustration of coil section of air handler

What Is Your Air Handler?

Have you ever been talking to your HVAC technician or searching for information about your system online and come across the term “air handler”? If you’re like many homeowners, you’re not an expert at HVAC terms and this one might’ve given you pause. We’re here to clear up any confusion about what your air handler…
Person adjusting home thermostat

Programmable VS Smart Thermostats

For many homeowners, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and also keeping your electric bill low can feel like opposing goals. With certain thermostats, you can have both. It’s important to know your options when it comes to thermostats because they can make a huge difference in how much energy your HVAC unit consumes…
Photo of tool set

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?
Air Conditioning Tips from you San Marcos TX Professionals

While it’s not a decision homeowners are faced with often, choosing whether to replace or repair your air conditioner is an important decision. Not only are there many financial aspects to consider, but homeowners must also make judgments based on their specific home and how comfortable they want it to be. Consider Current Repairs When…
Person controlling home climate with smart system

Smart HVAC Systems

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For the average home, the energy bill tends to be one of the largest expenses. The cost of this bill can be exacerbated by many different factors like the location and climate of the region you live in, the size and/or age of your home, personal preferences, and keeping up with modern updates within your…
A homeowner using their smart phone to control their air conditioning in Kyle TX.

The Benefits of A Programmable Thermostat
Insight from Your Experts on Air Conditioning Kyle TX

Technology has changed so much about how we function in our everyday lives, so it is no surprise that even something as seemingly trivial as your home thermostat has evolved. Gone are the days of having to turn your thermostat manually anytime you need the temperature changed in your home: now you can install programmable…
Smart Vent Installation

How Smart Vents Can Help Improve Your Intelligent HVAC System Performance

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A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems are best essential home appliances that maintain house temperatures hence keeping the home comfortable. However, when using the systems, some rooms may become too cold during winter while other too hot due to poor distribution of air to all rooms. The introduction of smart vents has significantly helped…
Illustration of a home surrounded by network web

The Use Of AI In Your HVAC System near San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, or New Braunfels

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The use of artificial intelligence in your HVAC system is something that has been around for awhile. No, there isn’t a little robot using its robotic arms sitting inside your air conditioning unit that is regulating the temperature. The artificial intelligence in HVAC systems uses an AI process called “machine learning” that is helping the…
Accented attic window

Radiant Barrier: Info And Installation

One of the services many HVAC repair and installation companies offer is the installation of radiant barrier. Many people are unaware of what this product even is, but it can greatly affect your home. If you are one of these people, you are in the right place. Today’s post is all about what radiant barrier…
Cellphone connecting to smart home technology

5 Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

There are several types of thermostats available today. However, one that is becoming increasingly popular is the smart thermostat. There are a variety of brands that now carry smart thermostats, and many offer different types of smart thermostats as well, from small budget devices to systems that connect with your smart home services. No matter…
Ductless Vs Central Air Systems

Ductless VS Central Air Systems

Whether you are building a new home or simply making some updates to your current one, deciding on what type of HVAC system you would like to utilize can be overwhelming. The two main options are a ductless mini-split system and a central air system. There are pros and cons associated with each of these…
Why Thermostat Placement Matters

Why Thermostat Placement Matters

Not many people are aware of just how important the placement of their thermostat can be. Many people are under the impression that they can have a thermostat installed anywhere in the home. In many cases, however, this simply isn’t the truth. Signs Your Thermostat isn’t Placed Properly in Your Home: The home is always…
A woman controlling a smart thermostat through her phone

How Smart Are Smart Thermostats?

No matter how your year is going, it is always good to find more ways to cut energy costs and to save money. One of the biggest ways you as a homeowner or apartment renter can save money is to take a look at your heating and cooling usage to see which areas you can…
Programmable Thermostat Options

Programmable Thermostat Options

One of the single most effective things you can do to cut down on your energy bill is to adjust your thermostat so that your AC and furnace don’t run as often or at all while you’re out of the house. Before leaving or going to bed, it’s common practice to set the thermostat to…
What is the Best Thermostat for My House?

What Is The Best Thermostat For My House?

Basic Versus Advanced Thermostats Basic thermostats regulate the temperature inside your home by turning your heating and cooling on and off.  More advanced thermostats may be designed to modulate BTU output of air conditioning and gas heating system.  Some thermostats can modulate air handler and furnace blower speeds to aid in controlling indoor humidity levels. Advanced…

Programmable Thermostats… call 392-0022

Which Programmable Thermostat is Best for Me? In general, every programmable thermostat comes with four pre-programmed settings and maintains those settings within two degrees. Many qualified models also come with additional features, such as: Digital, backlit displays Touch pad screen programming Voice and/or phone programming Hold/Vacation features Indicators which tell you when it’s time to…

AC System Thermostat Selection… call 392-0022

Smart Thermostat Selection: Automatic setback thermostats come in many  varieties and models. They all regulate your heating  and cooling system to provide comfort when you decide you need it. Most setback thermostats allow you to program at least  one “at home and away from home” schedule for the weekdays and a different one for the…