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What is a SEER?        SEER is an acronym that stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.  It’s a benchmark of how much electricity a given A/C system uses to deliver each Btu/h of cooling power compared to another one under a standard, fixed set of rating conditions.  The rating system is managed by the…
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Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Refrigeration Cycle: It’s extremely important that air conditioning technicians understand the refrigerant cycle.  It helps because they can’t actually see inside the copper tubing and compressors to see what the refrigerant is doing.  The specialized tools they use help indicate what the refrigerant is doing but those tools can be misleading if other parts of the…
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AC Service

What Does A Standard Preseason 21 Point A/C Service Consist Of? Does it really matter if when it’s over you still don’t know how well a system is running (how many btu’s a system is producing) or how much it cost to produce those btu’s? Ask about our AirOne Total Performance Diagnostic Inside 1  Check…
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Air Conditioning Performance

Wave Goodbye to the 21 Point Inspection AirOne did … because we invented something better.   Total Performance Diagnostic The old service and inspections programs were ok … as far as they go … but they just don’t go far enough.  They don’t tell you or the technician how much cooling or heating your system is…
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning System Efficiency Wish as we will that it was different, it isn’t.  What the Proctor Engineering Group discovered in the summer of 1990 in their land mark study of the Fresno, California area is still true in 2011. 67% of systems have insufficient air flow due to improper ducting, clogged evaporator coils or…
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Air Conditioning Costs

The High Cost of Keeping Cool  The average family spends $1,900 a year on energy bills, much of which goes to heating and cooling. With summer on the way and facing high energy costs, Americans are looking for ways to cool their homes, stay comfortable and save money. Replacing your existing system with a more…
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Proper Air Conditioning Refrigerant Levels If you own a central air conditioner or heat pump, you should know that recent field studies suggest that approximately 75% of installed cooling equipment may have incorrect amount of refrigerant. Incorrect refrigerant level can lower efficiency by 5 to 20% and can ultimately cause premature component failure, resulting in…
Diagram showing common duct problems

Air Conditioning Ducts

There are several things that could be wrong with your duct system that prevent it from evenly heating and cooling your home. Poor Design – A well designed duct system minimizes the length of ducts and number of bends, is sized correctly. A poorly designed duct system means your furnace or air conditioner has to…
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Earn Tax Credits

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency and Earn Tax Credits Deadline: Dec. 31, 2010 Through the end of the year, you can earn a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of energy efficient products or renewable energy systems, up to $1500, to improve the efficiency of your home.
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Super Salesman

After 26 years in business it appears I’ve still not heard it all.  A friend in west Texas recently relayed the reason her aunt was convinced to choose ac contractor A over ac contractor B.  Contractor B got the job when the salesman offered to put in “the next bigger system” for the same price. …
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Air Conditioning Replacement Done Right

Replacing an existing Buda Kyle, or San Marcos air conditioning system is pretty straight forward.  So why is it so often done wrong?  From San Marcos Texas to San Marcos California there seems to be no end to cutting corners that end up costing home owners thousands of dollars.
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Buy Now for Less

There may never be a better time to replace an old HVAC system than the present.  Especially for those living in the Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, or New Braunfels areas.  Air conditioner rebates should be at an all time high between now and Dec. 30, 2010.  The Texas State Rebate program should be back on…
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Get back up to $4,100 on some systems

The state of Texas has been given a little over $23 million to hand out for replacing appliances with more energy efficient ones.  We don’t know the full details yet, but it looks like you can get an additional $1,600 off some systems ON TOP of the federal tax credit. Let’s say you have a…
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How to Save Money on a new HVAC System

The folks over at Free Money Finance have an article on how they recently changed out the furnace and AC system in their home.  It’s important to note that these folks are in the north, where heating is the primary concern.  Thus they ended up with a 13 SEER system.  Here in the Buda, Kyle, San…
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RTSM Tip 1: Change Your Filter

[seriesposts title=”Other posts of the series” order=ASC] Tip1: Change your air conditioning filters every month. Savings: varies, as much as $800 a year. This seems so simple, but so hard to do! The number one cause of problems with your air conditioning system is dirty filters.  Having a dirty filter in your return grill will reduces the…