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How to Save Money on Cooling Costs

If you live in Central Texas, then you know that your air conditioner doesn’t feel like a luxury but an absolute necessity! With temperatures rising over one hundred degrees consistently in the summer months, it can feel like you will do anything to keep your home comfortable. Unfortunately, this can mean running up your electric…
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Improving The Energy Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is often working around the clock in order to purify and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or work space. For many, finding ways to prolong the life of their HVAC system is a priority because we do depend on its performance daily. Here are some very practical ways you can…
Workmen installing solar panels on a home roof

Solar Powered Air Conditioners

When you hear the phrase ‘solar powered’ your brain might immediately think of those huge solar panels or off the grid power supply. And you’re right on both accounts. Solar energy is used for a variety of things that include providing the power for your HVAC system. Using solar energy is a way to reduce…
An illustration depicts many AC filters lying side-by-side.

Different Types of Filters for Your HVAC System

Changing your A/C filter is something that needs to be done regularly to optimize ventilation in your HVAC system.  Changing your filters regularly produce better air quality and provide a safety barrier for objects that could create a fire risk such as insulation.  The average home needs to change their filter every 90 days. If…
Changing Your AC Refrigerant

Changing Your AC Refrigerant

Having an air conditioner makes it possible to enjoy your environment even when it is unbearably hot outside. It also helps to improve the quality of the air. An air conditioner filters out many of the pollutants and even mold from the air which helps you to breathe better. This is very important if you…
Tips For Controlling Allergens In Your AC

Tips For Controlling Allergens In Your AC

The AC or air conditioner in full is responsible for the quality of air in any building or house setting. The AC can be connected to the HVAC or the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. These two terms can be interchanged in certain settings to mean air conditioning, ventilation or even the heating system.…
How To Test Your Home Thermostat

How To Test Your Home Thermostat

Back at home, there is a category of appliances that are not given maximum attention until they break down. This is absurd. Among these appliances is the thermostat. This is an appliance that we use daily. However, we never recognize its value until it breaks. It’s very crucial for every households and business owners that…
How a Clogged AC Drain Line Can Ruin Your Home

How a Clogged AC Drain Line Can Ruin Your Home

Have you ever had a clogged air conditioner drain line? Possibly yes and had no idea what had happened. An air conditioner not only removes heat from your home but also gets rid of humidity. In summer your air conditioner removes the moisture from the indoor air and collects on the condensate drip pan. From…
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Tips for Saving Energy During Cold Weather

TWhether you own a home or a business, you probably try to avoid having to pay exorbitant heating costs during the winter. But there are times when the cold weather bites so sharply, we may want to throw logic out of the window and crank up the temperature just to feel cozy and warm. If…
Professional Technician applying spray foam insulation to an attic

Insulation R-Value Explained

If you’ve read anything about insulation or looked into an insulation project for your home, then you’ve no doubt come across the ubiquitous yet hardly explained term “R-value.” Denoted as R- followed by a number, it’s an important figure having to do with the proper kind and amount of insulation needed for a home to…
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Minimizing Costs While Keeping Your Home Cool

When the summer weather starts heating up, especially in Texas, many people must run their air conditioning units every day. While this is usually unavoidable in order to keep your home comfortable, it can certainly make getting your electric bill uncomfortable. If you’re one of the many people concerned about keeping your home cool in…
SEER Ratings: What They Mean And Why They're Important

SEER Ratings: What They Mean And Why They’re Important

What are SEER Ratings? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is used to measure heating pump and air conditioning effectiveness. This is done by calculating output and input of the system. The rating is used to ensure the highest level of safety, productivity, and environmentally friendly state for an HVAC system. The rating…
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Should An HVAC Fan Run Constantly?

There are many homeowners who are not familiar with HVAC units, and often learn the in and outs of them only when it is too late, and when they are about to replace one because of their lack of knowledge about upkeep and how to properly run them. One of the most common questions that…
Building a Home that Keeps Cool and Traps Heat

Building A Home that Keeps Cool and Traps Heat

A lot of work goes into properly optimizing a house to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You need to balance insulation with other features that make it easier for your central air unit to heat or cool the house, all the while making sure you don’t have to spend a…
Inspecting a Broken Furnace

Inspecting a Broken Furnace

With summer behind us here in Central Texas, it won’t be long until cold weather starts moving in. Now is the perfect time to ensure your furnace is in proper working order… you don’t want to wait until the day you need it to find out something’s amiss. We’ve put some tips together for steps…
Conserving Energy In Your Home

Conserving Energy In Your Home

As winter draws closer, electric bills tend to spike to keep homes in Central Texas cozy and warm. There are several ways you can conserve energy without sacrificing warmth in your home, so we’re taking a look at several easy ways to help save money on your electric bill this winter. Utilize a Humidifier It’s…
5 Kinds of Programmable Thermostats

5 Kinds of Programmable Thermostats

One of the single most effective things you can do to cut down on your energy bill is to adjust your thermostat so that your AC and furnace don’t run as often or at all while you’re out of the house. Before leaving or going to bed, it’s common practice to set the thermostat to…
Air conditioner is broken after cutting my yard

Air conditioner is broken after cutting my yard

Cutting the lawn can affect your air conditioner! I receive many calls around this time with customer’s saying…. I was weed-eating near my air conditioning unit outside now my a/c doesn’t work. What happened? It’s happened to a lot of us. Somehow you have managed to set aside some time to get the yard work done. So you…
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Is Daylight Savings Making a Difference in My Utility Bill?

Springing forward means dark mornings and bright evenings. How will this have an effect on your utility bill this month? Some might feel like they are conserving electricity by not having to use lights inside the home but, recent studies have cast doubt on the energy argument. Air Conditioning and other household electronics have had…