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Basement window showing ducts serviced by San Marcos Texas AC Repair technicians

Benefits of Improving Your Duct System
Tips from Your San Marcos Texas AC Repair Professionals

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While the efficiency of your duct system may not be the first thing that comes to mind when improving your home comfort, it can make a significant impact. The ductwork in your home can contribute to your home air quality and safety as well, so it’s important to make sure that your ducts are in…

Common Duct Problems

Air ducts are responsible for heating and cooling homes, businesses, and a variety of other types of buildings. While air ducts work quite effectively to heat and cool buildings, they can run into different problems over time. Some of the most common problems that occur within air ducts are improper design, air leakage, dust accumulation,…
Close-up of the inside of an air duct

Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

One thing that you can do in your home to improve your indoor air quality is to have your air ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning is one of the most important things that you can do for air quality in your home. Having your ducts cleaned helps keep indoor air clean and reduce allergens and other…
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Duct System Problems are Common

Q. Are most residential central air conditioning and heating duct systems installed properly? A. According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, the answer is no.  Most residential systems are not installed properly.  Studies conducted by the Proctor group have reached pretty much the same conclusions at the same proportions. Equipment is over sized about 47%…
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Duct Cleaning

Q. Should I have my ducts cleaned? A. Probably not.  At least not before you have determined how they became dirty to begin with. The question that needs answering before having your ducts cleaned, is how did they get dirty or moldy in the first place?  Dirt and dust inside duct systems wouldn’t be there…
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Duct Systems and Flexable Duct

Q.  Is flexible duct a good choice for a duct system? A.  It doesn’t matter what materials a duct system is made of if the design is bad. Duct board and flexible duct are acceptable choices and work well when designed correctly for the materials.  The choice does not need to be a trade-off between the…
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Tips for Installing Flexible Ducting

When installing, replacing, or correcting existing flexible duct problems…. Keep the friction loss characteristics of flexible ducting in mind and design with it in mind.  Don’t use old ‘rule-of-thumb’ guidelines.  Keep all flexible ducts as short and straight as possible. Limit the number of connections between the duct branch and the diffusers. Limit the connections…
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Duct System Problems

Q.  What are the biggest duct system problems? A.  Good ducting must begin with a good room-by-room heat load calculation that will determine the right amount of heating, cooling and air that is right for each room.  Next comes return and supply air placement and grill selection.  Then an acceptable duct static pressure must be selected…
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Duct Systems Effect Indoor Air Quality

Q.  Can a bad duct system lower the quality of the air inside a home? A. Yes! There are several way poor duct systems may work to lower indoor air quality. Unsealed return air ducts may allow unfiltered air to enter the home bringing with it heat, humidity, dirt, spores, allergens and other materials. Unsealed…
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Duct Loss

Q.  What is Duct Loss? A  1.  Duct loss is a common term used when performing load calculations on homes.  In this case duct loss refers to the thermal loss of Btu.s due to where the duct systerm is located and and how well insulated the duct system is.  Duct systems located in attic areas…
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Ducts and HVAC System Performance

Q. Does “Air Flow” really make a difference in HVAC system performance? A. Absolutely! Equipment SEER is based on the manufacturer’s efficiency rating with duct resistance factored in for the duct system. A bad duct system causes the equipment to work harder and less efficiently. Poor ducting may also effect indoor air quality and total home comfort.
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Air Conditioning: Duct Sealing

Benefits of Duct Sealing A duct system that is well-designed and properly sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer. Comfort Sealing and insulating ducts can help with common comfort problems, such as rooms that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Indoor Air Quality Fumes from…
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AC System Ducts

How Conditioned Air is Distributed: Homes with central heating and air-conditioning systems  rely on ductwork to distribute warmed or cooled air throughout the house. Today’s ductwork consists of insulated flexible tubes  that snake across the attic floor or under the house. Unfortunately, heating ducts are out of sight and therefore out of mind. Homeowners wouldn’t…
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Duct Tape and Ducts… Call 392-0022

Duct tape is good for fixing everything, including sealing ducts, right? No. Late in 1998, scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley Nationa l Laboratory made a startling discovery — ever-popular duct tape was useful for hundreds and hundreds of tasks, but holding  ducts together wasn’t one of them. Over three months, researchers tested  duct tape and…
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LEAKY AC DUCTS… call 392-0022

Improved Duct Systems Across the country, heating and air conditioning accounts for a  whopping 44 percent of the energy used in U. S. homes.  Homeowners can cut their utility bills considerably by preventing waste. When it comes to the quality of  home duct systems, the opportunities for improvement are substantial, and the rewards — in both…